(Moore) Now based in Los Angeles but once revered as our hometown Van Dyke Parks, Jherek Bischoff is an ever-flowing font of outsized ambition and collaborative energy. This Stranger Genius Award-nominated composer and songwriter is over-achieving in ways your parents could have only dreamt you would. His debut, Composed, was an ornate odyssey through sea-sick string sections, unabashed romanticism, and a wild roster of guest vocalists (Mirah, David Byrne, and Caetano Veloso, among others.) Though a bit fey and a tad pretentious, the record secured Bischoff his rep as an omni-talented studio wizard and arranger, while cementing his DIY bona fides forever more–the whole thing was recorded one instrument at a time on a single microphone, which is remarkable when you bear witness to the orchestral lushness on display. KYLE FLECK
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Portland's technically ablaze instrumental math-core act U SCO (with former members of Duck. Little Brother, Duck!) headline a night of math-rock mania. U SCO's approach is unforgiving, and they execute their mechanical fury with a fiery precision. The band's venomous Hella-style hard math bites with the vengeance of a zombie cobra head, guitar riffs relentlessly cauterizing ears. Fans of post-hardcore nihilism and post-rock spaciness should have much to bliss out/freak out to here. I've lavished praise on the Eastside force Postmadonna's feel-good frenzy of discombobulated prog-math several times before, and they continue to delight "ADHD" sub-sub-"genre" nerds with their flustered, manic prog punk. Fearless Leader—another Seattle-based time-signature-change-embracing act—write emo/post-hardcore torch songs that should add even more unapologetic catharsis to the night. If you're into noodly guitars, parallel time signatures, and general shredding, this is not a show you should miss. Black Lodge, 9 pm. BRITTNIE FULLER
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