The once very relevant early-'90s San Diego underground/post-hardcore group, Drive Like Jehu, reunited this past weekend for their FIRST live show in TWO DECADES! They sure turn in a solid show...for a bunch'a middle-aged SoCal punks! No, really, it's good!! I saw DLJ in 1994 and it sure sounds like they still got it, musically, tho' they don't jump around like they did way back when.

Drive Like Jehu really exploded with their first LP, Drive Like Jehu, during the early '90s when, for a minute, San Diego became a hotbed of underground HEAT; their LP was a perfect logical progression past the Revolution Summer-era DC/Dischord Records SOUND as it combined the immediacy and melodic sense of bands like Rites Of Spring/Gray Matter welded to the underground's then-fresh interest in prog/math rock. Looking back now, it's obvious Jehu was the culmination of what's now called post-hardcore, because NO ONE matched their sound, not even Fugazi, nerds, and most definitely NOT your screamo shit, millennials. I hafta say, if Jehu keep playing, like, if they RECORD a new RECORD, I pray they can match their former genius.