Summer sunrise in Kyiv.
  • Chris Collison
  • Summer sunrise in Kyiv.

Tenuous Cease-Fire in Ukraine: One has been agreed to, after more than 2,600 deaths, but it seems rickety. Putin wants Ukraine to retreat from all the rebel Russian strongholds in East Ukraine, locals on the front don't trust Putin and continue to train self-defense units, and both Russian-backed rebels and Ukraine nationalist volunteers (neither group seems easy to control) have been rumbling their discontent.

What About That Malaysian Airlines Flight Russia's "Little Green Men" Apparently Shot Down? The Dutch Safety Board says it will release a report on Tuesday, September 9, with "factual information based on sources available." The lead investigators have not visited the site but are relying on pictures. The report will discuss what happened but "will not apportion blame."

Next up, Estonia? An Estonian state security officer was kidnapped and spirited away into Russia at gunpoint—48 hours after President Obama gave a speech in Estonia saying if Russia tried its tricks there, it might trigger war with the US and NATO. The kidnapping occurred in the midst of some "cross-border crime" and the Russian side used smoke grenades and jammed Estonian police radios before kidnapping the officer.

US Announces "Core Coalition" to Fight ISIS/ISIL: Secretary of State John Kerry says no "boots on the ground... We need to attack them in ways that prevent them from taking over territory, to bolster the Iraqi security forces and others in the region who are prepared to take them on, without committing troops of our own." The Obama administration has had a lot of practice at waging quiet, "sanitized" warfare from above—let's see how this pans out. (If we can see—who are going to be the journalists willing to sit between the beheaders of ISIS/ISIL and US airstrikes?)

Where'd I Put Those M16s? KUOW finds that some Washington law-enforcement agencies have been suspended from program 1033, which helps militarize police departments by supplying them with free surplus military gear (the only cost is shipping), for losing track of high-powered rifles.

More on the Tacoma Police Department's StingRay Cell Phone Tracker: Some city council members say they were briefed before TPD bought it, but only vaguely (one said he was told it was just a device to "solve crimes"). A council resolution claimed the StingRay was for the "'prevention, protection response and recovery' of improvised explosive devices." What they actually do is indiscriminately suck up cell phone location data within a certain radius. The TPD has told reporters it can't answer many questions "because of the nondisclosure agreement it signed with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a condition of receiving the equipment." (SPD has denied having or using such equipment.)

Two Shot in West Seattle During Attempted Cell Phone Robbery: The injuries were not life-threatening.

SPD Lawsuit Against New Use-of-Force Policies Turns to Crowd-Funding: Officer Robert Mahoney and more than 100 other officers are looking to raise $100,000 to undo new procedures based on the US Department of Justice findings that SPD officers routinely engage in excessive force and evidence of biased policing. You can read more about the lawsuit, filed back in May, over here.

The Seahawks Trounced the Packers Last Night: "Seattle dominated this one in just about every fashion against a team some have been touting as the Seahawks’ toughest competition to get out of the NFC."