Elicia Sanchez, queen of the comedy holodeck
  • Alex Thomas
  • Elicia Sanchez, queen of the comedy holodeck

Tonight, Seattle comic Elicia Sanchez performs at Barboza, opening for the national touring comic (and beloved former Daily Show correspondent) Wyatt Cenac. Today, I asked her some questions.

Hi! How'd this opening-for-Wyatt-Cenac gig come about?
Mostly because I've worked with Hari Kondabolu, who is one of the world's nicest people and he likes what I do, and he put a good word in for me.

How are you feeling about the show you have to perform in mere hours?
I'm really nervous! It's always hard doing shows with people who are great. I mean, I know Hari, and he's at least seen me do well. But if I bomb tonight, all Wyatt's gonna know is that I suck. I quasi-know what I'm doing, so I'm not too scared. I generally go pretty good in Seattle. Only in small rural town am I nervous people will hate me.

So you're a big fan of Wyatt Cenac?
Yeah, that's why this whole thing is so surreal. It's always awkward to open for somebody you completely idolize. You're allowed in the backstage green room, so they don't just see you as some random creepy fan, but sometimes I act too aloof because I don't want to seem weird, but then it seems like I'm acting like I don't know who the person is....Typically, I act aloof, and then I realize I'm acting aloof, and I end up gushing at them, "I'm acting too aloof and I love you!"

What are you going to wear?
Oh God. Good question. Probably the one pair of pants I found in a plus size of Forever 21, and a top. I've been told my look is not very professional! The one thing I don't do is wear flip-flops. I'll probably just wear a T-shirt and my one pair of pants.

Do you have any pre-show voodoo preparation rituals?
In general, I write out my set in bullet points, and I try to go through and say the set out loud to myself in advance. I don't want to be too rehearsed. I try to be conversational onstage. And I try to have at least one drink.

Details on tonight's show here. Beyond that, you can catch her at her monthly comedy show Wine Shots at the Rendezvous.