At a vigil held at the French consulate in downtown Seattle last night. This cover of Charlie Hebdo says, Love is stronger than hate.
  • Alex Garland
  • At a vigil yesterday evening at the French consulate in downtown Seattle, a man held this cover of Charlie Hebdo. It says, "Love is stronger than hate."

A Vigil for Charlie Hebdo Staff in Seattle: About 100 people gathered at the French consulate yesterday evening, Q13 reports. "It’s unacceptable," French expat Nathalie Large-Ogier told the station, speaking of the attack on the satirical magazine. "It was barbaric." A manhunt for two of the suspects continues. Twelve people are dead, including 10 journalists and two police officers.

"Devastated." The Stranger's Sydney Brownstone interviews a French editor who gave refuge to the Charlie Hebdo staff after a 2011 firebombing.

The Future of Jenny Durkan: The former federal prosecutor for Western Washington will, according to the Seattle Times, be "joining a global law firm that is opening a Seattle office, where she will specialize in Internet and online-security issues."

You cant buy the hard-cover version of Kshama Sawants forthcoming book with this bill. But it will get you a Kindle copy.
  • You can't buy the hardcover version of Kshama Sawant's forthcoming book with this bill. But it will get you a Kindle copy.

The Most Dangerous Woman in America: That's the title of Kshama Sawant's forthcoming book, and Joel Connelly assumes she's talking about herself. "The Seattle City Council member, a member of the Socialist Alternative movement, has been collaborating with ex-Stranger writer and blogger ( David Goldstein," according to Connelly, who notes that Goldstein was "often in the past a defender and advocate for the Democratic Party." Publication date: September 1.

Downtown Convention Center Is Going Underground: "The project would be paid for using existing hotel taxes in King County and Seattle," reports KUOW. "In exchange for these taxes, hotels expect the convention center to help them fill rooms."

The High Cost of Death Penalty Cases: "Death penalty cases in Washington State cost the public one-and-a-half times as much as those where capital punishment isn’t on the table, Seattle University researchers have found," according to KPLU. (Back in November, we reported on how expensive it is for King County to be pursuing three simultaneous death-penalty cases right now.)

Life is hard for a one-eyed fish.

Seattle Vet Gives Glass Eyes to Fishes to Prevent Bullying: "One-eyed fish are picked on by their tankmates," the Seattle Times reports, "so a Seattle veterinarian is fine-tuning a procedure to fill those empty sockets with fake taxidermy eyes."

Maybe Bertha Should Take a Lesson from This Person: "Police in Thurston County are on the lookout for a burrowing burglar," reports KOMO. "Someone broke into a vacant storefront at 855 Trosper Road SW in Tumwater and then burrowed through the wall into the adjacent nail salon, investigators said. Once inside, the thieves took nail dryers and then tried to burrow through a second wall to get into a cigarette shop next door."

A "Dangerous Moment" for Europe: "The sophisticated, military-style strike Wednesday on a French newspaper known for satirizing Islam staggered a continent already seething with anti-immigrant sentiments in some quarters, feeding far-right nationalist parties like France’s National Front," reports the New York Times. "'This is a dangerous moment for European societies,' said Peter Neumann, director of the International Center for the Study of Radicalization at King’s College London. 'With increasing radicalization among supporters of jihadist organizations and the white working class increasingly feeling disenfranchised and uncoupled from elites, things are coming to a head.'"