Sound Transit Lots to Become Affordable Housing in Three Seattle Neighborhoods

Coming to a Light Rail station near you: affordable housing!
Coming to a Light Rail station near you: affordable housing! ORAN VIRIYINCY VIA CREATIVE COMMONS

Some good news for affordable housing in Seattle! (If you’re looking for bad news, read how the GOP’s heinous tax plan will affect the region, or how housing prices are skyrocketing with no end in sight, or just scan Craigslist for apartments. Or, simply walk a few blocks in any direction—most likely there will be luxury condos going up).

Anyway…the good news!

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The Morning News: Trump's War on Immigrants Comes for Haitians, Council Passes Budget Without $250,000 Carpet

Haiti is still recovering from the 2010 earthquake.
Haiti is still recovering from the 2010 earthquake. Marco Dormina, United Nations Development Programme

Trump Continues Ousting Immigrants: They came here after an earthquake devastated their home country. Now, they're being asked to leave by the Trump Administration or face deportation. More than 59,000 Haitians could be affected by Trump's decision to end their temporary protected status.

Michigan Rep. John Conyers: Accused of sexually harassing multiple staffers. One of those staffers signed a $27,000 settlement with Conyers after claiming she was fired for rebuking his sexual advances. Read about the claims, but just as urgently, read about the system in U.S. Congress that keeps sexual harassment allegations against powerful people under wraps. Conyers denies he harassed anyone.

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Celebrate 12 days of Cannabis with a unique Dockside ADVENTure! Each calendar has an assortment of the best cannabis products from Washington State.

Celebrate 12 days of Cannabis with a beautiful & unique advent calendar that can be hung on a tree, wall or mantel - or give it to a 21+ Cannabis enthusiast. The Dockside Cannabis advent calendars come pre-filled in a tasteful gift box and each has an assortment of Washington’s best edibles, flower & other fun surprises! Choose your own ADVENTure from four varieties: All Edible Journey-$79, Staycation Assortment-$109, Road Trip Assortment-$219, World Tour-$329.

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Five Puerto Rico Fundraising Events in Seattle This Week

Central Saloon / Facebook

It's been two months since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, but the island's continued crisis mode remains in the news. If you want to help out back home, there are five fundraisers and disaster relief shows in Seattle this week alone, and we've rounded them all up below. You can find future events on our fundraisers calendar, including the Petty for Puerto Rico event on December 1.

Disaster Relief Fundraiser for Puerto Rico
Dino's hosts an industry evening for the Washington State Bartender's Guild. Enjoy New Jersey-style pies and drinks like Negronis on tap and support Puerto Rico. 100% of proceeds go towards disaster relief efforts.
Dino's Tomato Pie

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Seattle City Council Members Promise New Business Tax for Homelessness by March

A throwback sign seen at a recent Seattle City Council budget hearing.
A throwback sign seen at a recent Seattle City Council budget hearing. HG

The Seattle City Council intends to pass a business head tax or another progressive revenue source by March, according to a resolution the council approved unanimously today.

Last week, a narrow majority of the council rejected a proposal to impose a per-hour, per-employee tax on the highest grossing 5 percent of businesses in Seattle. That tax would have raised about $25 million a year to fund emergency shelter, affordable housing, and an expansion of the drug crime diversion program LEAD. Under public pressure, some council members who voted against that proposal said they may support a similar tax in the future if the city undertook a longer process and consulted business interests.

Today's resolution sets out a timeline for a task force to discuss a head tax and other potential revenue sources. The task force would also decide how money raised from a new tax should be spent on homelessness services and affordable housing.

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Home for the Holidays - Shop Local

Bedrooms & More has been a Seattle staple for over 45 years. Family-owned & operated, they are committed to providing customers with quality products to fit every budget, with an emphasis on durability, comfort, and sustainability. Get cozy for the holiday season! Huge discounts starting Friday, 11/24 through Monday, 11/27.

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Seattle City Council Passes 2018 Budget, Rolls Back Some Cuts to Mayor's Office

Interim Council Member Kirsten Harris-Talley defended cuts to the mayors office budget.
Interim Council Member Kirsten Harris-Talley defended cuts to the mayor's office budget. City of Seattle

After voting last week to cut $1 million from the mayor's office budget, the Seattle City Council walked back about half of those cuts today before approving its 2018 budget.

The cuts approved during a committee meeting last week were set to shift money from the mayor's office to the city's Human Services Department, support for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, alternatives to incarceration, and other programs. That move set off a testy exchange between the council and interim mayor Tim Burgess, who called the cuts a "misguided surprise" that would undermine incoming mayor Jenny Durkan.

Today, the council found several workarounds instead of taking the full $1 million from the mayor's office budget. The primary new source of money: the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI).

That funding shuffle was the most significant last-minute action in what has been a chaotic budget process over the last few weeks.

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The 43 Best Things To Do in Seattle This Week: Nov 20-27, 2017

As soon as Thanksgiving is over, it will be time for holiday shows like ACT Theatres A Christmas Carol, which opens on Friday.
As soon as Thanksgiving is over, it will be time for holiday shows like ACT Theatre's A Christmas Carol, which opens on Friday. CHRIS BENNION

Our music critics have already chosen the 23 best concerts this week, but now it's our arts critics' turn to pick the best events in their areas of expertise. Here are their picks in every genre—from a Shabazz Palaces book signing and DJ set with Gillian Gaar to the opening week of holiday shows like Irving Berlin's Holiday Inn and George Balanchine's The Nutcracker, and from the Miracle on 2nd Pop-Up bar to holiday markets like Gobble Up and the GeekCraft Expo. See them all below, and find even more events on our complete Things To Do calendar.

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Bill McKibben: Radio Free Vermont
Bill McKibben is the founder of, a laudable nonprofit climate action/environmental organization whose activists have protested Shell's arctic drilling rig, protested the Keystone XL pipeline, and attempted to shut down tar sand pipelines in North Dakota, among many other campaigns. McKibben has also written at length about global warming and is one of the nation's most prominent thinkers and writers on environmentalism—he's written more than a dozen books on the subject. At this event, he'll share his latest work, Radio Free Vermont: A Fable of Resistance, a novel that explores the idea of state succession from the United States (an oh-so-relevant concept for many Washingtonians).

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Police Reports Illustrated: Model vs. Moby

Callan Berry
Callan Berry

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Listen to Seattle Synth Wiz Norm Chambers's Fantastic Soundtrack to the Graphic Means Documentary

Draw your own conclusions.
Draw your own conclusions. Briar Levit

Back in March 2016, I wrote a Slog post about Seattle synth magus Norm Chambers (formerly known as Panabrite) composing the soundtrack to Graphic Means, a documentary about the history of pre-internet (ca. 1950s-1990s) graphic design production by Portland director Briar Levit. More than a year-and-a-half later, you can finally hear the music via Chambers's Bandcamp. It's worth the wait, whether you saw the movie or not.

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Letter to the Editor: Where Are Seattle's Dick Dancers?

Dick dancer = This, but naked.
Dick dancer = This, but naked. iStock / Getty Images Plus

From The Stranger's inbox (we like mail, too!):

There seems to be a very conservative gay bar scene in Seattle, especially for such a large international city. We know there is a XXX cinema contest each year allowed by the city. We have 'titty' bars in the city. But we don't have male dancers for the gay audience in the city.

I once asked about this and was told it was illegal in Seattle. I thought, "c'mon man"... hell, it's legal in Dallas, why not Seattle? The staff of some gay bars here are very concerned that someone might rub another's crotch in a dark corner. Even The Eagle is freaked by Sunday Tea Dance scenarios.

I would be interested in reading an article that discusses the reason gay bars in Seattle will not take on City Hall. I've heard rumors it's because they are owned by straight investors. They seem to be afraid of losing their liquor licenses if they cross the heterosexual rules of a bar. Why haven't gay leaders insisted that if there can be female nude dancing for str8 males then there should be male thong dancers allowed in gay bars? We call them "dick dancers" in Dallas and Austin.

What has happened to the gay bar scene in not being more proactive at letting the Eagle be the Eagle? Or the Cuff being the Cuff... that is to say... sex bars or back rooms like leather bars usually have in major international cities?

I was once playing pool in the Eagle on a Sunday afternoon. It's a men's bar in most cities in the world. A guy came up to the second level where we were playing pool and announced that he didn't want to see any gay stuff going on because his girlfriend was with him. She wanted to see a gay bar so they stopped in. Some of us told him to f off.. but the bartender took the sides of the straight couple not wanting to offend them and stating all are welcome there. I was livid... anyway.. that's heresay...

I guess Seattle is still very conservative.

It's not Seattle that's fucking things up here, dear dick-hungry letter-writer. The real culprit? The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB).

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Eight Women Say Charlie Rose Sexually Harassed Them

The old guy who interviews people on TV for a living says, I deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior.
The old guy who interviews people on TV for a living says, "I deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior." Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images

The Washington Post has talked to eight women who have alleged sexual harassment against the host of Charlie Rose, three of whom agreed to talk on the record, with their real names. The other five "spoke on the condition of anonymity out of fear of Rose’s stature in the industry, his power over their careers or what they described as his volatile temper," the newspaper reports.

The allegations include groping, unwanted advances, walking naked in front of employees and prospective employees, and sexual phone calls.

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Tory Government Votes that Animals Are Incapable of Feeling Pain

Conservative politicians who deny empirically obvious truths in a short-sighted effort to maximize the profits of their corporate constituency make Hachi a very sad boy.
Conservative politicians who deny empirically obvious truths in a short-sighted effort to maximize the profits of their corporate constituency make Hachi a very sad boy.

In preparation for their country's 2019 exit from the European Union, the UK's Tory Government voted today that in matters of law, animals "have no emotions or feelings, including the ability to feel pain." The determination excludes humans and pets, but makes no clear argument for how that determination is made or defended.

The Independent reported that animal sentience has been recognized by the EU since 2009. The article also suggests that the Tory move to invalidate it in England is both a means of softening the ground for decreased regulation of the food and farming industries, and a signal that it has no intention of recognizing the validity of science in post-Brexit legislation.

Fucking barbaric.

Savage Love Letter of the Day: Is An Open Relationship Medically Necessary?


I'm engaged to a wonderful man but our sex life is on the rocks because I have medical issues that make penetrative sex very painful and we've put PIV on hold while I go to different doctors and physical therapists so I can work on it. We've talked about opening our relationship so he can find relief but it scares me. Mostly because I can't handle the fact that there's something I can't give him that another woman can. If our sex life was healthy and all we wanted was to try new things with new people, I'd be fine. But the idea of him having sex with another woman and suddenly realizing what he's been missing by being with me is so scary. Are there things we can try in the bedroom to simulate P&V to help tide him over? Or are there ways for me to turn down my ego and accept that I can't be everything to him?

Other Penetration Evidently Necessary

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Manson on the Brain? It Might Be Time to Revisit You Must Remember This

Portrait of a mass murdering dog, not long before he would serve nine life sentences and be denied parole 12 times.
Portrait of a "mass murdering dog," not long before he would serve nine life sentences and be denied parole 12 times.

Charles Manson is dead, and as a wise person once said about some other repugnant figure, it's a pity there's no hell for him to burn in. After nearly 50 years as Western culture's living embodiment of evil, Manson inspired a lot of books and films, but more generally, he gave rise to a pervasive culture of morbid fascination with the nature of his crimes, his methods, his soul.

How could a person be so malevolent? How did such an unimpressive guy manage to captivate so many others into thinking he was a messiah? Or was that idea just part of the media narrative that allowed the nation (and especially the nation-within-a-nation, California) to rest easy after he'd been caught? What really went on at that ranch?

Of all the Mansonia that has come down the pike since his 1971 arrest, the Charles Manson's Hollywood series of Karina Longworth's fantastic podcast, You Must Remember This, is unquestionably one of the most gripping, surprising, and well-written-and-researched treatments of Manson as both human and phenomenon.

If you're looking not only for information, but also for an interpretation of the events that manages to be moral but not moralistic—without stinting on the sordid details that remain genuinely shocking after all this time—the 12 episodes in this series are a much better bet than either of the films made of Helter Skelter (and a whole lot better than the book).

UPDATE: Vox reports that the Panoply Network has released Longworth's Manson cycle as its own discrete podcast, You Must Remember Manson.

You may want to budget 12 hours or so into your plans for the long weekend.

Three Billboards Outside, Ebbing, Missouri Reminded Me of Home


In Three Billboards Outside, Ebbing, Missouri, Mildred Hayes (masterfully played Frances McDormand), an angry, grieving single mother with an undercut and coveralls she never takes off, rents three billboards outside town with a message to the local police: "Still No Arrests? How Come, Chief Willoughby?”

The Chief Willoughby Mildred targets is William Willoughby (Woody Harrelson), a popular local cop with a secret of his own. Like all the figures in this movie, Willoughby is more complex and less of a stereotype than you might think at first glance. He's the head of a police department where a black man was recently tortured (and which is never really explained in the film) but he's also kindly, sympathetic, and locally beloved. Even Mildred, his cranky nemesis, seems to like the guy... at least as much as she likes anyone, which isn't saying much.

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Morrissey, You’re So Fired from Everything

Going too far is never far enough for the Moz-ster, apparently.
"Going too far" is never far enough for the Moz-ster, apparently. NurPhoto via Getty Images

Morrissey. We sent you a memo a while back, asking you to “please stop” after your terrible latest album, Low in High School, hit the streets. But it looks like you didn’t get that memo. You cancelled a show at the last minute in California because it was “too cold”—but that’s only to be expected, of course. But now, you’ve hit a new low—victim blaming survivors of sexual assault after the Harvey Weinstein allegations came to light.

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