Adventures in Pubbing: Seattle's Best Irish, British, Australian, Canadian and Scottish Pubs


Sadly, the "Free Will Astrology section does not allow comments Thus, I post my FWA comment here.

I would like to see this column become an ass-trology column. Tell me what will happen to my ass this week. Will my relentless morning squats finally play off as I awaken to find my derrier has assumed the epic proportions of my dreams? Or, will all day sitting in a chair result in a flatter, more pancake like behind? Perhaps the relentless approach of middle age will cause it to fall off entirely.

Only the stars can know what will become of my buttocks.
The owner of Muleady's is a fucking dick to everyone. I worked there for a week but he fired me because I said Happy Holidays and not Merry Christmas to customers. Reason? Uh there is quite a Jewish population in Seattle. He's an ex Marine and a total asshole. Don't go there.
Kell's in Post Alley is far better than Mulleady's, both in atmosphere and authentic fare - as well, apparently in upholding traditional standards of Irish hospitality. Also, try the Owl & Thistle in Pioneer Square. Hell, I'd take Murphy's in Wallingford hands down over Mulleady's.