When the early-20th-century American regionalist painter Thomas Hart Benton thought the East Coast was getting overrun by “aberrant” effetes and homosexuals, he praised the West for its manly-manness. Screw that and take this eight-foot-long chalk-on-chalkboard drawing of bulls’ balls with Benton’s words superimposed above them, says Seattle artist Brian Britigan in this exhibition of four openly queer Western artists. They’re all dudes (Britigan plus well-known photographers Adrain Chesser and Steven Miller, and beloved ceramicist Jeffry Mitchell), but in the back gallery is a nice corollary: three luscious, semiabstract landscape paintings that Susanna Bluhm created for her wife and son. (SOIL Gallery, 112 Third Ave S, www.soilart.org, noon–5 pm, free)