FEB 17, 2014


Desserts Skittles

Why: Yes, they are redundantly named, but I'll just come right out and say it: Desserts Skittles are the best Skittles variety I've ever had, and I've had them all: Chocolate Mix and Xtreme Fruit bubble gum (disasters), Smoothie Mix (just okay), Crazy Cores (pretty good), Tropical (third best), Wild Berry (second best), and, most recently, Darkside (too chemically), plus everything in between, including the mints. So trust me! Desserts Skittles—accidentally vegan, like all Skittles—come in five flavors, which I'll list by deliciousness: raspberry sorbet, strawberry milkshake, orange crème, key lime pie, and blueberry tart. All flavors are surprisingly accurate, and good if separated and eaten by color, but also good if you rip the bag open and pour it over your head, football-player-style. (At a gas station convenience store near you)

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