Your Feast Has Ended: Whose feast? The colonial feast of gluttony that leads to starvation, maybe. In the two exhibitions of painting, sculpture, drawing, and video opening tonight, four men reach back to ancient spirituality for new food. Curtis Barnes is the artist of The Unicorn Incorporated, and Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes (Curtis’s son), Nep Sidhu, and Nicholas Galanin make up Feast. Each of the Barnes men explores his own and shared inheritances from the evolving universe of black consciousness. Sidhu returns to ancient texts and forms to build drawings where he can honorably house the spirit of his late mother. And Galanin’s videos include How Bout Those Mariners, an animated loop of a traditionally garbed and armed attacker with audio from the Seattle police killing of John T. Williams, the Native carver who “wouldn’t drop his knife.” (Frye Art Museum, 704 Terry Ave,, 7:30 pm, free but reserve tickets online)