UPDATE: Sadly, Hard Ton got rejected at immigration, but the show will go on with Friends with Benefits Records, Ononos, and the Tempers. Unfortunately, there's been a change of plans for tonight's show. From Facebook: "Sadly, Hard Ton won't be joining us tonight, because they got turned away by US Customs and Immigration. We will still have a killer time at Chop Suey *TONIGHT* with the Ononos & The Tempers - DJs Two Dudes in Love and Nark Magazine."

Have you ever danced with wild abandon to the sounds of a 330-pound bearded Italian man wearing lipstick, bondage gear, and fishnet? A man with a sexy-smooth falsetto voice not unlike androgynous 1970s disco superstar Sylvester? What if I told you this man is the BIGGEST disco-music king (and queen!) in all of Italy? And what if I told you this man’s international live shows channel the extreme performance art of late queer icons Leigh Bowery and John Waters muse Divine? Hard Ton might cause a dance-floor earthquake, and you should participate in this fabulous disaster. (Chop Suey, 1325 E Madison St, chopsuey.com, 8 pm, $10, 21+)