The last time I went to happy hour at Blueacre Seafood, a verbose conventioneer from Florida scooped ice from his water into his red wine with his hand, then asked me for my leftover french fries. The state of Florida is clearly to blame for this, not Blueacre, which is a shipshape upscale seafood restaurant at the corner of Seventh and Olive, where Oceanaire used to be. Happy hour is a steal: local oysters on the half shell for $1 each, Poulsbo Viking pickled herring for $4, Totten Inlet moules frites for $7, and tons more. Of the cocktails ($5!), the Temporary Restraining Order is limey-tequila goodness and also fun to order. (The barkeep gestured to the man from Florida and said, "Oh, is this guy bothering you?") (Blueacre Seafood, 1700 Seventh Ave, 659-0737, 3–6 pm)