The Space Needle had a bar, but the people who own it ruin everything. The Cloud Room also was dispatched to heaven. For drinking in the sky now, there's just RView. It's on the 28th floor of the Marriott Renaissance, and it's got all the charms of a corporate hotel lounge: wall-to-wall carpeting, bad art, business travelers who move to tables farther away if you laugh too loud. The happy-hour food is practically free and still not worth it. The name conjures an unholy union of R Place and Harborview. But RView is embedded amid downtown's skyscrapers. Between two tall buildings, the sun sets on Puget Sound. Between two more, you can see, improbably, the Space Needle. Here, a well drink tastes better, and the city looks more citylike, than ever before. (RView, 515 Madison St, 28th Floor, 583-0300, 4–11 pm, 21+)