Genki Sushi is a giant Japanese conveyor-belt-sushi chain, and it's now conveying sushi to your mouth on both Broadway and Lower Queen Anne. It's got a fantastic electric-orange-and-white color scheme, it's super-clean, and the rolls (while heavy on the rice) are consistently decent. (Hint: Order nigiri fresh from your server; try marinated mackerel and halibut with shiso.) And it is so, so unbelievably cheap: The plates stacking up are at most $2 each. Genki says it's "America's family sushi restaurant," but it's really a paradise for students, stoners, and skinflints. Sit and watch a world of sushi go by, grabbing anything and everything you want. (Genki Sushi, 500 Mercer St and 1620 Broadway, www.genki