Full disclosure: So I haven't actually seen Paula Poundstone do standup comedy in, um, literally 20 years—not since 1990's HBO special Cats, Cops, and Stuff (remember when that lady's mom tore her face open on a lube rack!?!?). But that performance was so great—full of masterful ad-libs and deceptively mundane observations that gave me confidence to pursue a life as a funny lady—that I'm willing to give 20-years-wiser-and-weirder Poundstone the benefit of the doubt. Also, she's totally good on Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! And if that's not enough, maybe she'll talk about that time she allegedly got lewd with a child! Don't you want to get to the fucking bottom of that? (Moore Theatre, 1932 Second Ave, www.stgpresents.org. 8 pm, $35–$65.)