"Precious" is scheduled to play in Sumter, SC but not Spokane? Boo.

Is Xosha Roquemore the one in the trailer who loves neon beige and wants to get her GED? If so I'm glad her role is bigger than that moment because that cracked me up.
It is a great movie.

Fair warning - Vanity Fair has a puff piece on the author of the original work and cool pics of the lead actress.
I'm seeing it tomorrow! I'm so excited! I'm taking out my contacts and putting on my glasses, because I expect to cry my eyes out.
As a native South Carolinian in Seattle, Sumter has a lot of black folks living there. As for Spokane....

I'm seeing it tonight with some friends.
OH LAWD that Mariah! A beacon of hope to all living creatures. Even when she's lookin like Michael.