hempfest is a waste of time until they get out of that park that is way too small.

went like 5 years in a row and last year was so terrible.
last year...was indeed my last year. seeing that fucked-up, shit-covered guy try to cleanse himself in elliott bay as horrified onlookers gawked and juggalos taunted? yeesh, that's enough hempfest memory to last me a lifetime.
The location is lame - a long, narrow waterfront venue with limited entry/exit points; snarling traffic from Interbay to Belltown; inadequate parking. It's one big mess.

Anyone get stoned and jaywalk?

More like Juggalo Litterfest. That venue is waaaaaay too small
Did cops bust anyone for their plants?
those food stands must make a killing.
the existence of juggalos makes hempfest un-attendable.
Lets get ripped, smell really bad, act like jackasses downtown, dress like retarded clowns who were touched by their uncles when they were little and make a huge deal about pot all weekend. Because pot is totally not that big of deal and all.
What? The last I recall, you were bitching about the tie-dye backdrop to the stage & how it'd all be so much more effective if the festival dropped the tired old hippie cliches.
@11, are you blind to irony?
@8, it might be a killing without the excessive booth fees and a near monopoly on beverages by the festival. Oh, and since the event is actually on 2 properties (Seattle parks and the Port of Seattle) there are 2 different tax rates depending on where the booth is located, with an additional 10% fee on those in the section ruled by the Parks dpt.

Also, this event has outgrown its location, but its not like there is a better place for it anywhere.
Hempfest bingo: pit mix on a rope, pot leaf leis, bad Bob Marley painting, barefoot weekend suburban hippie, and this year's new entry: baby strollers. I hit bingo five blocks from the site on my way home today and it just reaffirmed my firm belief that, while I support legalization, I in no way will support it publicly with these idiots.
#14 nailed it.

I was surprised about all the people blatantly smoking pot for some reason. Although it was nice to finally find the goddamn entrance to those parks, it was like walking through a hippy shantytown. I can't imagine it does that well for the community, the area around hempfest was absolutely trashed. Thanks for spreading your filth, dirty hippies.
Hmmm.... I kinda like sweet barefoot weekend suburban hippies, don't mind baby strollers, everyone should own a bad Bob Marley painting at some point, pot-leaf leis don't rush to make inane comments on every Slog post...

The pit mix and the garbage I could do without, but really, would you feel a lot better if it was all fratboy business majors of the dominant obnoxious subspecies, or soccer moms, or something? Be careful what you wish for.
@14: what idiots will you support it with? this was my 1st hempfest since nos. 1 & 2 in gasworks. seemed like more of a mall than a legalization festival, and i didn't enjoy it at all. but we must work with all these people - the juggalos, the strollers, the fat hippies, to assure that hempfest can end.
@12 - Irony? Oops, I must have been spending too much time away from Seattle hipsters, I'm out of practice.
@19, maybe you have just been too busy holding Seattle hipsters against irony to get it. Maybe you just take shit WAAAAY too seriously. Sounds like you needed to spend some time at hempfest!
I had something to say about all this, until I remember the last Hempfest I actually went to was in Volunteer Park. I think I just figured I knew what it was like still, and sadly, I might be right.