Happenings at the Sculpture Park!


As a long time non fan of the sterile SAM sculpture park, I admit this is a good sign.
Are they going to let us touch any of the art? Honestly, outdoor art is meant to be touched, and even climbed. Go to any real city (Chicago, LA, NY, Philly, San Fran) and you'll be able to walk up to and kiss any number of pieces of prominent art. Oh but this is Seattle, don't put your dirty fingers on our outdoor art. We only want the salt water to corrode it, not your seeking, probing, experiencing people parts.
Set in spectacular scenery, Sculpture Park ignores that context and displays clownish, absurd and bizarre human perversions, sculpting the twisted sensitivities of Seattle's elite. Don't like the traffic? Rubbed in your face with giant traffic cones. Have a concern for the environment? Install a metal tree, a giant land-scraping 'plow' mistitled 'wave'. The only bit of nature in the park, a small grove of trees surrounds a giant metal turd, reverence for nature shat. Care about the economy and jobs? Install an orange 'shipping crane' to match those on the waterfront, also misnamed 'eagle' depicting American big business 'disinterest' in Americans. Tired and want to sit? Patio chairs in a row, orange to subconsciously relate to the shipping cranes and global trade in full view of a medieval torture device. No yoga nor health food stands will make Seattle less a demeaning psychological experiment upon humanity conducted by upper class douchebags.