Tickets for Ed Sheeran's July concert have sold out, but you can follow in his footsteps and head to the Square Knot Diner (where he shot his "Shape Of You" music video) as part of the Georgetown Bites event on Saturday.

Just because you haven't planned your weekend far in advance doesn't mean you can't still go out and have a good time. This weekend, there are plenty of options for last-minute entertainment that won't cost more than $10, including Seattle Fringe Festival shows, a reading featuring the man Paul Constant once said could become Seattle's elder comics statesman (Peter Bagge), the 29th Annual Best of the Northwest Art and Fine Craft Show, a Prince and Michael Jackson tribute dance party, and a Korean street food pop-up and art market. See them all below, and find even more options on our complete Things To Do calendar.

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1. An Art Show on How Not to Have an Art Show
This is sort of an art show, but not really—it's more of a cautionary tale/meta experiment created by Krista Lee Wolfe. You'll have to attend to find out more, but draws include food, art installations, a musical drama by Wolfe, and musical performances by "looper pedal-based melodic alternative" Beakers Basement and "free form space rock band" a.frequency.
(Capitol Hill, $5 optional donation)

2. The Life, Times & Comics of Rube Goldberg
In honor of the exhibit The Art of Rube Goldberg currently on display at MoPOP, cartoonist, author, and comics historian Paul C. Tumey (Screwball Comics) will speak about Goldberg's life and work, including his longtime career as a cartoonist.
(Ballard, $5)


3. Off Brand
This improv show features the comedic stylings of the team Off Brand ("people who look a lot like the people you love... but just a little off").
(Greenwood, $10/$14)

4. Pizza Crush: SPRING FLING
Enjoy an evening of saucy queer comedy, performed by Val Nigro and Finn Cottom, that will include sketches, crushes, and a dating advice segment.
(Greenwood, $10/$14)

5. SketchLAB!
At SketchLAB!, the Slate Theater's monthly sketch comedy show, check out new work by local groups Hot Sandwich (Berlyn D. Lee and Megan McConnell) and Always Be Clothing (Cailey Nickerson, Kristine Ota, Daniel Kinamon, Colin Campbell, Tony Morse, and Michael Draper).
(Sodo, $10/$14)


6. Show Me Your Cupcakes: The Art of Dirty Talk
Drop by Babeland for free teeny Cupcake Royale cupcakes (not a euphemism, whatever the event title may imply), sex tips, and a free toy if you're one of the first five to arrive.
(Capitol Hill, free)


7. Astronomy on Tap: A Second Year in Review
In addition to some amazing discoveries, this year saw a successful orbit for Astronomy on Tap—not surprising, giving their tempting combination of booze and far-out science. They've got a full program for you: "LIGO-Hanford control systems engineer Dr. Jeff Kissel on gravitational waves, UW Professor Emily Levesque on keeping stars weird, graduate student Jacob Lustig-Yaeger on exoplanet discoveries galore, UW research scientist Dr. David Reiss on the science to come from the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, graduate student Trevor Dorn-Wallenstein on when a star is not really a star, and more!" Plus, trivia! The winner gets a private planetarium show.
(Ballard, free)

8. Not Your Father's Pinball Tournament
Give your crappy week the finger (or two fingers) at this boozy pinball fest, sponsored by Not Your Father's Brewing and featuring $3 drink specials from the purveyor of infused beer.
(Capitol Hill, $2)


9. Eyes Everywhere, Lucero, Rob Noble, SixFour, Bacosaurus
Presented by WORK!, local DJ talents from around the Sound gather at the Loft for a night of steady crankage in support of Eyes Everywhere.
(Downtown, $10)

10. Fraktal Phantom with Upwell
Local threesome Fraktal Phantom plays jazz-infused psychedelic rock that "bends gravity," according to the band, not actual scientists.
(University District, $7)

11. A Heart in the Stillness, Weaver's Triangle, Headstone Brigade
Dark folk abounds at the Bourbon Bar with an evening of sonic weavings from A Heart in the Stillness, Weaver's Triangle, and Headstone Brigade.
(Columbia City, free)

12. Heels To The Hardwood, Weatherside Whiskey Band, Drew Martin
A night of new-boot-scootin Americana, blues, folk, and funk from Heels To The Hardwood, Weatherside Whiskey Band, and Drew Martin.
(Ballard, $8)

13. Japan in American Music
Seattle Music Exchange Project, Cornish College of the Arts, and Seattle-Kobe Association present a multimedia exploration of Japan's deep-seated influence on American music, with a presentation curated and led by Dr. Adam Haws, WWU professor of theory and composition at WWU and ethnomusicology expert, accompanied by a live performance by pianist Angelo Rondello.
(Capitol Hill, free)

14. La Realeza: Noche de Primavera
Dance to worry-blasting hiphop, reggaeton, cumbia tunes, and more by La Realeza and soak up the happy vibes of Noche de Primavera ("Spring Evening" in Spanish) after your long week.
(Pioneer Square, $8)

15. Lushy Mini Dance Party
Of all the dance parties happening around town this weekend, only one will take place in the iconic train cars of Orient Express, with cocktail jazz-pop group Lushy. Striped party-wear is highly encouraged.
(Sodo, free)

16. The Spider Ferns, DoNormaal, Neu Yeuth, DJ The_Ohmu
Electronic trip-rock duo The Spider Ferns will celebrate their newest video release, joined by cosmic hiphop artist DoNormaal, Neu Youth, and DJ The_Ohmu.
(Fremont, $8/$10)

17. Tetrad Veil, Terror Apart, Cost, Interracial Sex, Primordial Wound
Explore the underworld of industrial and experimental ambient noise and electronica with live sets by Tetrad Veil, Terror Apart, Cost, Interracial Sex, and Primordial Wound.
(Downtown, $8)

18. Turian, Coma Club, Ermac, Rat King
Thrash around Lucky Liquor with Turian, Coma Club, Ermac, and Rat King as they lay down the heavy noise.
(Tukwila, $5/$8)

19. W Live: Gully & Antonioni
Alt rock boys Gully come together with Antonioni for a free all-ages show.
(Downtown, free)

20. Xurs, Local Pavlov, Porn Bloopers
When you’re old enough to have experienced the first wave of punk, you typically find yourself unimpressed by new versions of the genre in these here 2010s. However, Seattle quartet Xurs make this geezer grudgingly admit that da yoof of America still have some vital contributions to make to ye olde punk rock. Their self-titled 2016 album boasts stinging, venomous guitars that split the difference between A Frames and SST-era Sonic Youth and songs that zigzag with a spasmodic math-rock logic that deviates from the punk rule book. Add some acerbic lyrics you wouldn’t mind painting onto your leather jacket, and you have a fresh take on a musical style that was already going rotten by 1979. DAVE SEGAL
(University District, free)


21. RuPaul's Drag Race Viewing Party with Americano
Come to Little Maria's every week to watch season 9 of Drag Race, hosted by Americano and featuring a different guest queen each week, who will be roasted with "the stupidest interview questions we can think of." There will also be a featured pizza every week, games, and performances.
(Downtown, free)

22. RuPaul's Drag Race Viewing Party with Fraya Love
Fraya Love will host this watching party in the Jewelbox Theater and provide commentary and performances, along with special guest Sasha LeGarce. There will also be drink specials (including $5 Heritage flavored vodkas), happy hour food items available for $3-$5, games, and prizes.
(Belltown, $5)

23. RuPaul's Drag Race Viewing Party with Dolly Madison
Watch RuPaul's magnificent queens battle it out, with host Dolly Madison emceeing at Purr.
(Capitol Hill, free)


24. Chevy Stevens
Chevy Stevens, the bestselling Canadian author of thrillers including Still Missing and That Night, will visit to share her latest work, Never Let You Go: a story about abuse, love, and family.
(Downtown, $10)

25. Elif Batuman: The Idiot
New Yorker staff writer and author Elif Batuman (The Possessed: Adventures with Russian Books and the People Who Read Them) will share her debut novel, The Idiot, which Kirkus Reviews called "self-aware, cerebral, and delightful."
(Capitol Hill, free)

26. Priscilla Long, Michael Spence, David Thornbrugh, and David D. Horowitz
Rose Alley press presents this event featuring light refreshments, prizes, and readings by four formidable local poets: Priscilla Long, Michael Spence, David Thornbrugh, and David D. Horowitz.
(Capitol Hill, free)

27. Reading with Diane Raptosh & Tina Schumann
At this event, enjoy readings by Diane Raptosh, Idaho's first poet laureate and author of American Amnesiac (which was longlisted for the National Book Award), and Tina Schumann, whose debut collection, As If, won the Stephen Dunn Poetry Prize. They will each share new works: Raptosh's Human Directional and Schumann's Requiem. A Patrimony of Fugues.
(Wallingford, free)

28. transtrender: Seattle book launch
Celebrate the release of manuel arturo abreu’s second book, transtrender (about "the trap of visibility, the coloniality of gender, and the refusal of cogency in a moment where trans is trending"), at a launch party featuring a whole lineup of local trans/nonbinary/gender-nonconforming artists of color including Ebo Barton, Anisa Jackson, mario lemafa, Reverend Dollars, and Yani Robinson.
(Queen Anne, free)



29. Black Like Me: An Exploration of the Word N****r
This multidisciplinary piece featuring dance, mixed media, and sound design asks whether it's possible for the black community to redeem a word that has been—and still is—used as an expression of hate and contempt, but has found more benign uses in hip hop and other contexts. Presented by Jade Solomon Curtis.
(Capitol Hill, $10/$25)

30. Them
Them, Lydia Shamoun's BFA thesis project, is part performance art and part choreographic work, questioning "societal norms and influence of social media as well as the validity of god, purpose of sin, and pressure from others to convert to a different set of beliefs."
(Seattle Center, free)



31. Seattle Fringe Festival
Five years after its re-launch, Seattle Fringe is back with two weekends of surprisingly good/bad, offbeat theatrical performances. This ain't the Rep. This is where the new, raw, just-bubbled-up stuff is, which can be exciting! I'm pumped to check out Sara Porkalob's Dragonbaby, Dacha Theatre's Shakespeare Dice, Jeffrey Robert's The Gay Uncle Explains It All To You, Arson Nicki + Friends' “Fringe Fest is Such a Drag," Squatch Tanztheater's Hey, I'm Average., Michael Washington Brown's BLACK!, and Troy Mink's The Midway Liar. RICH SMITH
(Seattle Center & Capitol Hill, $10-$15 per show)



32. Black Arts Love Mixer & Marketplace
Black Arts Love presents this event featuring chances to network, shop, make and enjoy art, listen to a live DJ, nosh, win prizes, and celebrate the theme of the day: "fitness, fashion, and fun."
(Central District, free)

33. Kusamono Lecture & Demo
This lecture by artist Young Choe will focus on the art of Kusamono—potted grasses and flowers that "suggest a season or a place," often featured alongside bonsai displays.
(Federal Way, free)

34. Lauren Iida Artist Talk
In conjunction with her exhibit of dizzyingly intricate papercut works, Lauren Iida will give an artist talk, speaking about her projects in Cambodia (including art tours, children's books, and work based on Bunong folktales).
(Pioneer Square, free)

35. Sarah Margolis-Pineo: Archipenko — A Modern Legacy
Learn more about the cubist, avant-garde sculptures featured in Archipenko: A Modern Legacy at this talk with Sarah Margolis-Pineo, Frye Art Museum Assistant Curator.
(First Hill, free)

36. Saturday University: Islam Across Asia
This series of talks aims to offer a diverse picture of Islam in Asia—as they point out, a majority of the world's Muslim population lives in Asia. This week, the theme will be "The Art and Culture of Herat Afghanistan in the Late 15th Century."
(Capitol Hill, $10 per talk)

37. Seattle Made Pop-Up
Shop Seattle Made artisanry like silver and gold jewelry, cards and prints, men’s accessories, pickles and cocktail mixers, and outdoor stuff.
(West Seattle, free)

38. A Very Vintage Market
Pay a tiny entry fee and shop vintage, antique, and hand-crafted products. Eat at Mystery Bay Coastal Cuisine and get your cards read with Jann.
(North Seattle, $3)

39. Weiss/Manfredi: Seattle Genealogies
Architects Marion Weiss and Michael Manfredi will give a talk entitled "Seattle Genealogies: The Olympic Sculpture Park and Emerging Cultural Ecologies." Learn about the changing Seattle Waterfront and the adaptation of culture and architectural projects to it.
(Downtown, free)


40. Cage Match!
Two improv teams will go head-to-head in a furious match of seat-of-the-pants theater. It will be a "brutal battle, but instead of punches, it's punch lines." The audience will vote for the new improv champion at the end of the night.
(Greenwood, $10/$14)

41. The Punishment Cube
Sketch group Babes (composed of Liz Brammer, Baylie Freeman, Sarah, McKinley, Zak Nelson, Caitlin Obom, Matt Olson, and Joel Osborne) will play victims of a nightmarish despotic regime that lavishes pizza on citizens who sell out their loved ones.
(Greenwood, $10/$14)


42. Congressman Adam Smith's Civic Engagement Volunteer Fair
If you want to get involved in politics but don't quite know where to begin, check out this volunteer fair for local organizations, organized by Congressman Adam Smith (WA-9).
(Beacon Hill, free)

43. Green Neighborhood Revolution
Do you dream of an America free of the chokehold reign of gasoline? Coltura likes the way you think. Gather with friends and family to check out their interactive exhibits on "fossil-fuel free" living, with test-drivable electric cars, solar panels, vegan food, resources for quitting gas, and things to do for kids—like a petting zoo of animals that are threatened by pollution.
(Capitol Hill, free)

44. West Seattle Food Bank Open House
At this event, engage with your community, make a commitment to giving back, and check out the new setup at the West Seattle Food Bank (including their new "shopping style" distribution).
(West Seattle, free)


45. Saturday Secret Matinees
For the final week in the series, the Sprocket Society will screen a chapter of the 1936 16mm adventure serial The Undersea Kingdom, starring Ray "Crash" Corrigan as an American he-man battling the evil king of Atlantis, Unga Khan. Watch our hero battle "killer robots, disintegrator rays, and rocket aeroplanes" every week.
(University District, $9)


46. 4-Year Anniversary Party!
Celebrate four years of Peddler at this party featuring food trucks (Cycle Dogs and Athena's Greek food), live music from The Ramblin' Years, three special aged beers, and a deal where you can buy a commemorative pint glass and two beers for $10.
(Ballard, free)

47. Brouwer’s 12th Anniversary with Holy Mountain and National Orval Day!
The 12th anniversary party for Brouwer's Cafe coincides with Orval Day, when you can celebrate the (only variety of) beer sold by legendary Notre Dame d'Orval Monastary. If you haven't tried it, here's your chance. And if you're not interested, just focus on the anniversary beer (a Black Raspberry Sour) created by Brouwer's in partnership with Holy Mountain.
(Fremont, free)

48. Georgetown Bites
Georgetown likes to front like it's all industrial and hardscrabble and people only eat diner food and drink cheap beer, but if you've been there recently, you know that's only half true these days. While you can certainly get your greasy hash browns at Square Knot before heading next door to slam Rainier tall cans at 9lb. Hammer, you can also get a whole cornucopia of culinary delights. There's the all-cask beer at Machine House, the high-end chocolates at Fran's, and the K Vintners viognier at Charles Smith, to name a few. Indeed, Georgetown—while it may be home to the Dead Baby Downhill after-party, which features bike jousting, a thousand drunk punks, and yours truly bleeding all over a makeshift plywood skateboard ramp—is also home to two Matt Dillon restaurants. The Georgetown Bites festival offers you a chance to sample the neighborhood's more white-collar fare at working-class prices (starting at $4). Two of El Sirenito's deliciously deep-fried fish tacos for $5? Yes, please! TOBIAS COUGHLIN-BOGUE
(Georgetown, free)

49. Orval Day
Beer lovers will gather in taverns across the nation to toast the best of the "Brett" beers—brewed with brettanomyces yeast—from the Notre Dame d’Orval Monastery in Belgium. Merchant du Vin importers will pair with a charity (this year, MAP International, a highly regarded international Christian global welfare group that helps refugees and others) to bring you bottles of this fragrant, dry, fruity Trappist ale. Seattle bars participating include Slow Boat Tavern in Hillman City, the Beer Junction in West Seattle, Toronado in Roosevelt, No Anchor in Belltown, and TeKu Tavern in South Lake Union.
(Various locations, free)

50. Raised Doughnuts Pop Up!
Raised Doughnuts will open up shop in Seattle in 2017—get excited in advance at this pop-up event where you can start your Saturday with handmade sweets. They'll be "raising the doughnut bar" and offering samples of varieties including blueberry basil, ube coconut, apple fritters, and raspberry doughnut holes until they're sold out—so get there early.
(Chinatown-International District, free)


51. 90's Underground
Relive the debatable magic of a time two decades ago with '90s Underground, from the same ensemble who bring you '80s Invasion. It'll be a night of your favorite tracks covered live, with plenty of Docs and Manchester memories to go around.
(Downtown, free)

52. Brine, Wes Sp8, The Past Impending
Seattle alt-rockers Brine headline the Blue Moon in support of their latest record Kill the Ill, with high energy support from Wes Sp8 and The Past Impending.
(University District, $7)

53. Isenordal, With The End In Mind, SwampheavY, Voidthrone
Doom-heads and black metallers Isenordal lay down the dark shroud at Black Lodge, with With The End In Mind, SwampheavY, and Voidthrone.
(Eastlake, $5-$10)

54. Pagan Tango
DJ Derek Pavone from Bottom Forty and Mobius Sisters will set the scene for Pagan Tango, a dark DJ night of goth, industrial, electro and subterranean rock.
(Belltown, free)

55. The Prince and Michael Experience with DJ Dave Paul
The ultimate tribute dance party for the angels among us, Prince and Michael Jackson. Music by DJ Dave Paul, all the way from San Francisco.
(Fremont, $8/$10)

56. Queer You 5: Still Alive
Mississippi Jones's Seattle upbeat psychedelica will have you dancing on rainbows. They'll be joined by "catchy, yet disturbing" Creature Hole.
(Belltown, $7)

57. Rozamov, Me Infecto, Pisswand
Boston sludge metal group Rozamov incorporates hardcore, doom, and atmospheric elements for a bleak, complex sound. They'll be joined by Me Infecto and Pisswand.
(Eastlake, $8/$10)

58. Samurai Del, Navvi, jamie blake, Sendai Era, Kyo-Ken
Founder of Northern Natives and young buck producer Samurai Del will celebrate the release of their LP Hodgepodge with a show and party in the Croc Back Bar, featuring live sets by Navvi, jamie blake, Sendai Era, and Kyo-Ken.
(Belltown, $10)

59. Slow Code, Love Moon, Lume, Coma Club
Power-punk trio Slow Code drag their dirge through Eastlake, with bill support from Love Moon, Lume, and Coma Club.
(Eastlake, $5/$8)

60. Train Car House Party: Five Year Anniversary
The residents of Train Car House Party (seemingly a group of people who like to throw parties in the train cars of Orient Express) are throwing a party (natch) to celebrate their five year affair with getting wild in mass transit. Expect many talented DJs, like Brit Hansen, Erin O'Connor, and Jason Melton, with free admission.
(Sodo, free)

61. Visceral Candy with Tim Stiles and DJ Jay Battle
"Dark electronic love machine" band Visceral Candy celebrate their latest collaborative hiphop album with Tim Stiles, and opener DJ Jay Battle.
(Ballard, $8)

62. Viva Vera Gala After Party
The Vera Project and Napster will celebrate their joint sweet 16 birthdays at this gala after-party, featuring a hosted bar by Oola Distillery, Georgetown Brewing, Underground Wine Project, and Malus Ginger Beer, and a live DJ set by Reverend Dollars of Darqness.
(Central District, free)

63. W Live: Ciinka Dance Party
Christopher Cinka heads up a DJ'd dance party at the W in their free weekend music series.
(Downtown, free)

64. Weeed, Bay Witch, Oh Rose
The three junior heshers in Weeed made quite the statement with 2014’s Feng Shui Capital of the World, an alternately meditative and bone-crushing collection of psychedelic metal whose peaks rivaled any other ambitious stoners in Seattle. Their follow up, July’s Our Guru Brings Us to the Black Master Sabbath, is an even more accomplished batch of grass-fed, beefy jams and non-sequitur vocals from the trio. KYLE FLECK
(Tukwila, $5/$8)


65. 35th Annual Washington State Mr. & Ms. Leather and Bootblack Contest
When you look back on 2017—assuming we'll all live past it—you can have the satisfaction that, even during a totally unsexy post-election year, you saw the ceremonial crowning of Mr. & Ms. Washington Leather in person.
(Capitol Hill, $10 donation)

66. Cuff's 24th Anniversary with Jack Chang and Guests
Iconic gay bar the Cuff celebrates its 24th year of operations on Capitol Hill this weekend with a night of selections by London-based DJ Jack Chang.
(Capitol Hill, $10)

67. KINGS: A Drag King Show
Flipping the traditional drag script, the Kings of Kremwerk will bring royalty to the stage, with a rotating monthly theme.
(Downtown, $7-$12)


68. Brews & Books
Enjoy two of the best things on earth—literature and beer—at this new monthly event celebrating the long tradition of boozing writers. Marcus James (author of the Blackmoore series, whose latest installment is Symphony for the Devil) will host.
(Ravenna, free)

69. Ezequiel García: Growing Up in Public
Growing Up in Public is the American debut of Argentinian cartoonist Ezequiel García, and offers similarities between the uncertainty of the artist's life and the uncertain political and social future of Buenos Aires. The graphic memoir is said to be inspired by physical and cultural changes in the city, as well as "film, architecture, and rock music of the past."
(Georgetown, free)

70. Peter Bagge: Fire!!
In 2015, Paul Constant wrote that "Peter Bagge has been at the comics game long enough that he could probably retire into a rewarding (but poor-paying) career as Seattle's elder comics statesman." Celebrate Bagge's statesman status while you check out his latest work, a biography titled Fire!!: The Zora Neale Hurston Story. Hurston had a fascinating life, full of travels and cultural investigations, and created an enthralling body of work, from her controversial anthropological pieces to her classic novel Their Eyes Were Watching God.
(Capitol Hill, free)


71. Defend PP Seattle (Madison)
Planned Parenthood supporters will make sure patients can get to the clinic without getting harassed and show their love for the health institution.
(Capitol Hill)

72. Eastside March for Justice
Anti-Trump actions in Seattle and SeaTac have dominated the regional resistance news, but on the Eastside, they're also ready to march for "civil and reproductive rights, public education, access to affordable healthcare, the environment, and many other progressive causes."
(Eastside, free)

73. Protesting While White: Workshop and Skill Share
European Dissent ("in accountability with" The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond and EPIC) will host this workshop that aims to offer constructive ways for white people to engage in Trump resistance—as well as how to engage at protests in general. They promise relationship building, roleplaying, simulations, introspection, and the chance to walk away with a game plan.
(Chinatown-International District, $0-$30 Donation)

74. The Rally for Affordable Healthcare
Show your support for the ACA—and voice your opinions on Ryan/Trump-care—at this affordable health care rally. Community members will share their experiences (including the impact Obamacare has had on their lives) and there will also be speeches by healthcare professionals, activists, and politicians.
(Downtown, free)

75. Unconference for the Resistance
Teachers at Lake Washington Girls Middle School will host a conference on educating students to think critically and understand key issues like climate change, LGBT and women's rights, racism, and religiously motivated bans. They're open to other topics, like "fake news," the DAPL, and Black Lives Matter. Bring your own presentation on issues you care about.
(Central District, $10 suggested donation)



76. 29th Annual Best of the Northwest Art and Fine Craft Show
Over 100 local artists and artisans will exhibit their handiwork at this spring show. Venture outside the hangar for food trucks and espresso when all that art makes you hungry. Kids under 12 get in free and can mess around at the Art-4-Kids table.
(Sand Point, $8)


77. Used Board Game Auction
We get a lot of rainy days in Seattle. One of the best ways to prepare is to fill your space with board games, so come stock up at this live auction that will feature 1000 games submitted by customers. Preregistration for the fairly intense process is now closed, but there will be room for walk-up registration on the day of the auction.
(Queen Anne, $10)


78. The Fair Play Festival
The Fair Play Theater group will perform six new one-act plays by six local artists: Scot Bastian, Josie DeLellis, Patty Carlson, Ellen Covey, Chris Mathews, and Dan Niven. The write that, "These all new plays will take you to another World. You will experience the lives of unique and original characters with complicated and conflicting desires - and if you agree we live in uncertain times, you may discover how small choices can have enormous consequences."
(Greenwood, $10/$14)



79. Sunday Pop-Up: Art Fundraiser + Korean Street Food
Help artists and cooks save the earth by purchasing art and food! Sun Young Ji and Matthew Dwyer will sell baby octopus and pork belly (jukumi samgyeopsal) and steamed buns, while the artists will give half of the proceeds from their work to organizations like the Sierra Club, the Center for Whale Research, and the Indigenous Environmental Network. Enjoy Balkan/Greek tunes by the Lonely Coast while you eat and shop.
(Beacon Hill, free)


80. Ridiculous Vices: Molière Improvised
Improvisers will cook up a show in the bawdy vein of 17th-century French farceur Molière, based on audience suggestions.
(Downtown, $10)


81. Adoption Event at Ponder
In a cruel universe, Emerald City Pet Rescue and Ponder weed store will team up to fight indifference. Meet sweet, adoptable dogs on your way to pick up a gram. If you're extra lucky and win their raffle, Ponder will cover the adoption fee.
(Central District, free)

82. Celebrate Radical Women's History
The Seattle Party for Socialism and Liberation will screen a once-banned film, Salt of the Earth (1954), on the Empire Zinc Mine and the women—sisters, wives, and children of miners—who supported the strike of Mexican workers.
(Capitol Hill, donation)

83. Community Listening Post
Representatives from Nikkita Oliver's mayoral campaign and the Seattle Peoples Party will listen to your dreams and concerns about Seattle—"from schools, to streets, to community and beyond."
(Mount Baker, free)

84. Free Weekend Walks
Meet the native Pacific Northwest trees that the Olmsted Brothers landscape designers insightfully left growing in the Botanic Gardens alongside more exotic collection plants. A UW tour guide will help you get acquainted with the imposing local flora of Seattle.
(Madison Park, free)


85. SHRIEK: The Wicker Man + Happy Hour Heckling
Shriek is a recurring film class about women in horror (taught by Evan J. Peterson and Heather Marie Bartels) that features screenings as well as engaged, thoughtful, and hilarious discussions. They'll follow up the screening they did a few weeks ago of the 1973 version of The Wicker Man with a "Heckle Night" screening tonight of the 2006 version. When it came out, Lindy West wrote this about the remake: "Obscene anti-feminist propaganda that it is, The Wicker Man is almost too retarded to be offensive. The women are mysterious and tricky and beguiling, like evil vaginas. Malus is strong and thrusty and straightforward, like a hero-penis."
(Greenwood, $10)


86. Bad Pop with Kosha Dillz
Indie rock group Bad Pop turn to distortion pedals and sarcasm for their distinct sound. They'll be joined by Kosha Dillz.
(Eastlake, $8/$10)

87. Flitestar, Yesler, Common, Dear
Heavy hitting rockers Flitestar want their listeners to "rediscover what Seattle music is truly about," with some support in that department from Yesler and Common, Dear.
(Fremont, $6/$8)

88. Mega Bog, Hand Habits, Hoop
Mega Bog is the project of singer/songwriter/mover/shaker Erin Birgy. With an ever-changing collection of friends filtering in and out of the band, Mega Bog’s sound varies, but you can probably expect honest and dreamy experiments in pop music that are the best kind of bonkers EMILY NOKES
(Downtown, $10)

89. Scott Yoder, Killer Ghost, Bod
Scott Yoder, former lead singer and guitarist from Seattle band The Pharmacy, plays a free show with tracks from his latest album, Looking Back in Blue, released last March, as well as new music, with Killer Ghost and Bod.
(Capitol Hill, free)

90. SeaNote with The Portland Timbre
Seattle-based a cappella band SeaNote digitally released their latest album Transitions last month, and will celebrate the CD release of that album tonight in West Seattle, with a guest spot by The Portland Timbre.
(West Seattle, $5)

91. Seattle JazzED
Seattle JazzEd is a local non-profit that empowers students through music education. The current students and alumni of the JAzzED program will be gathering every Sunday of March at the Royal Room for performances as new works ensembles, with special guests each week.
(Columbia City, free)

92. Songwriters in Seattle Round Robin Showcase
Songwriters in The Round invites artists of every genre to hop onstage and share performances of their original music every month. This iteration features live music by Fond Farewell, Micaela Kingslight, and Bob De Dea, with host Todd Christoffel.
(Columbia City, free)

93. Special Order, The Moon is Flat, Mud On My Bra
Special Order defines their work as "Fluid translucent music. Rebel music. Relevant eminent revolution music. People music." They'll be joined in their enigmatic set by The Moon Is Flat and Mud On My Bra.
(Ballard, $8)

94. Trap Sabbath 2.0
Trap Sabbath is simple enough: two DJs (Ron and Sid) will spin the best of trap, R&B, and other classics in the Den at Chop Suey for a free evening of music.
(Capitol Hill, free)

95. Valley Vibes, Deadly D, Best Band From Earth
Sunset hosts a night of local and touring hiphop and fusion acts with live sets from Valley Vibes, Deadly D, and Best Band From Earth.
(Ballard, $8)


96. Geoffrey Nutter: Cities at Dawn
Poet and educator Geoffrey Nutter (author of collections A Summer Evening, Water's Leaves & Other Poems, Christopher Sunset, and The Rose of January) will read from his latest work, Cities at Dawn. Adam Fitzgerald of The American Reader writes that the material in this collection "obeys the abstract logic at the heart of descriptive writing: the sweet ease of writing’s intangibility, its virtual tease."
(First Hill, free)

97. Sayantani Dasgupta and E.M. Sloan
Authors Sayantani Dasgupta (a physician and author of books that explore intersections of health, narrative, and political/social trends) and E.M. Sloan (When Songbirds Returned to Paris) will come together for conversation.
(Capitol Hill, free)


98. Seattle Gaels' Open Field Day
The Seattle Gaels, a local Irish sports club, will host this field day where you can try out sports you may not be that familiar with (hurling, Gaelic football, camogie) in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere. They recommend that you wear cleats and athletic clothing; they'll provide all the equipment you need.
(North Seattle, free)

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