This year in Seattle, you have no excuse for not having Halloween plans—check out our Halloween calendar for more than 250 events. But if those numbers overwhelm you, we're here to break it down even further—including with this list of ghost tours, haunted houses, and other events throughout Seattle and beyond, some of which promise to be scarier than others. Find all of your options below, ranging from the Georgetown Morgue Haunted House to ghost tours at the Spooked in Seattle Museum Fright Fest.

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Into the Basement: An Immersive Horror Experience
If you like big and scary puzzles, consider exploring actual subterranean ruins in Seattle's underground labyrinth, "armed with only a flashlight, headphones, and a single clue."
Pioneer Square


Belltown Haunted House
"Unfortunate events are likely to happen" at this all-ages haunted house.


Georgetown Morgue
Want to grope through a pitch-black maze with a bloody clown screaming in your ear, but most likely emerge with all your important bits still attached? Cheesy as it looks, Georgetown Morgue has scared a lot of people. Not recommended for claustrophobes.


Phinney Center's Unwritten History via Visiting Spirits
Washington State Ghost Society researchers will talk about the paranormal experiences they had at the Phinney Center and present audio evidence (like knocks and voices) of spirits they found. There will also be a Q&A session after the talk.


Spooked in Seattle Halloween
The Spooked in Seattle Museum is already a creepy place, featuring artifacts like 1800s mourning attire, coffins, and embalming equipment, as well as offering regular ghost tours. On Halloween weekend, they'll offer extra tours on Saturday, as well as a Spooked in VR experience and a Bizarre Bazaar market. On Sunday, you can take Death Museum tours to learn about Victorian mourning customs, haunted dolls, Memento Mori, and more on these half-hour tours, guided by their "black widow" Ms. June.
Pioneer Square


Capitol Hill Historical Ghost Tour
Learn about all the ghosts that have been secretly floating around brunch spots on Pike, Pine, and Broadway on this haunted tour of Capitol Hill. Discover the neighborhood's past in the funeral industry and its prohibition history, and hear stories of haunted architecture, shops, and restaurants.
Capitol Hill


Going...Going...GONE! A Halloween Murder Mystery/Escape Room Game Event
In honor of Halloween, Hourglass Escapes will turn one of their regular creepy room escape games, "Rise of the Mad Pharoah," into a special three-hour murder mystery experience. The story involves the "Seattle Department of Archaeological Antiquities," the discovery of the tomb of Ah-Ramen TwoStep, and a murder. Andrea Hays (Heidi on Twin Peaks) will be a special guest, and there will also be a silent auction to benefit Mary's Place, where you can win even more room escape packages.

Want more creepy stuff in Seattle? Check out our listings of ghost tour companies—including Bill Speidel's Underground Tour, which offers "Underworld Tours" and "Underground Paranormal Experiences," Haunted History Ghost Tours of Seattle, and Private Eye on Seattle Ghost & True Crime Tours—and room escape games, including "Escape from the Haunted House" at Sherlocked.



Haunted Forest of Maple Valley
This mile-long outdoor haunted trail isn't for the faint of heart (or children under 10). Proceeds benefit local youth groups including DeMolay, Rainbow for Girls, Job’s Daughters, and other organizations. For fewer frights, opt for the family walk.
Maple Valley


Nightmare at Beaver Lake
Take a 3/4-mile walk through the park's trails that lead to the haunted house maze, where you'll find ghosts, ghouls, zombies, vampires, clowns, headless horsemen, and more.



October Farm Fest
Save Snohomish from being overrun by zombies by attacking them with paintballs (from the comfort of a hayride), hunt for treasure in a dark corn maze, and scurry through a haunted house at this family farm nightmare.


Nightmare on 9
This haunted attraction has some history behind it. They explain: "The Snohomish Slaughter and Rendering Plant was built in 1935 by the Thomas brothers, Sam and Dean. It was closed in 1975 when one of the brothers was tragically torn in half by one of the meat grinders. There is still speculation as to whether Sam tripped or was shoved to his gruesome death. What was left of his upper body was never found." Search for the corpse and encounter some very freaky creatures along the way.


Nile Nightmares
Roam a haunted golf course and indoor mazes, eat snacks in the Food and Fear Garden, or choose from a range of creepy activities at the Family Fun Festival.
Mountlake Terrace

Stalker Farms
If you haven't gotten your fill of terrifying clowns in 2017, consider a macabre magic show from Pogo the Clown, whose "psychopathic tendencies" make for a creepy display. This haunt also features a narrative-based haunted house in which a plague called "Blood Rot" has turned the residents of Snohomish into mutant cannibals.


Port Gamble Ghost Conference
Hitch a ride with your spirit guide to already-pretty-spooky Port Gamble and meet with parapsychologists, cryptozoologists, animal communicators, UFO-spotters, and other frequenters of non-rational realms.
Port Gamble


Haunted Bordello
This "dead sexy" haunted tour guides you through the old red Victorian house on the hill that used to be Port Townsend's "finest pleasure palace." According to the haunt, "something bad happened" in the house one dark and stormy October night, and ghosts may or may not be roaming the estate in the company of the devil.
Port Townsend


Carleton Farm Frights
Choose from activities like Zombie Paintball, Haunted Swamp, Zombie Farm, or a quiet walk through a dark, non-haunted maze.
Lake Stevens



Seattle Chocolate Haunted Factory Tour
Be comforted by delicious chocolate on this spooky tour through the factory, where "strange spirits" are said to materialize after dark.


Hell's Gateway
Choose between an angel or devil ring (for $5 each) to enter this "traditional haunt." The angel ring gets you into a mildly spooky version, while the devil ring promises a freakier experience replete with an escape room and plenty of goblins.


My Morbid Mind Haunted House
Saunter through a creepy old barn curated by "Master of the Macabre" Kevin Noah. The annual haunted house, which started out as a display on Noah's front porch, is replete with several new rooms, animatronics, pneumatics, special effects, and more to freak you out.

The Fright Factory
This haunted house is adamant about the fact that they are straight-up frightening, rather than "spooky" or "Halloween-y." Prepare for ghouls, goblins, and monsters lurking in the dark.

Gig Harbor Haunted House
This annual haunted house promises "10,000 square-feet of frightening indoor fun." That leaves plenty of room for mysterious creatures to materialize from dark corners. For a free and non-scary kid's tour, stop by in the afternoon on the 31st.
Gig Harbor

Scream Park Seattle
Visit the haunted "Bath House" full of creepy girl ghosts or the house of a Se7en-style murderer at the Scream Park.


Fright Fest
Listen to the swooshing of the wind on rollercoasters in the dark, check out two haunted houses, walk down a creepy trail through the woods, and make scary arts and crafts at Fright Fest.
Federal Way

Haunted Woods
Enter, if you dare, the haunted woods of Maris Farms, where ghosts and goblins hiding behind trees will give you the spooks. If that's not your thing, opt for the totally un-haunted flashlight maze.


The Cinema of Horrors
The first of two equally creepy haunts at this new attraction is "Farmhouse," which is located "inside of Ma’s disgusting, dusty, demented old murder house where the family always enjoys tormenting and enticing their visitors." The second is "Dark Legends of New Orleans," where voodoo, witchcraft, and spirits are abundant.

Frighthouse Station
Choose between two haunted houses ("The Shadows" and "The Redemption") to get spooked by "nightmarish creatures, the shambling dead, the unnatural and unrelenting."


Dead Ending Haunted House
Get the chills from ghosts and undead creatures from decades past lurking around this haunted house.



Kitsap Haunted Fairgrounds
Protect your friends from zombies in a paintball hunt, creep through the haunted mansion that is Slaughter Estates, or choose a minimal-scare option at this haunted affair.


Scrap Yard Massacre
Consider quivering your way through a "violent and surreal" haunted house.