Share your love for Minecraft with the world at MINECON Earth Parties at MoPOP and the Living Computers Museum this weekend, where you can meet developers, participate in challenges, and watch the MINECON Earth live stream on giant screens. Shutterstock

Our arts critics have already recommended 68 great things to do this week and our music critics have picked the 33 best concerts, but there are still hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—from Local Comic Shop Day to a pop-up naked yoga class, from a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon to The Twilight Zone: Live!, and from Jackson Galaxy: Total Cat Mojo to the Hording of Evil Vengeance Fest. For even more options this week, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.

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1. Behind the Blue Door Presents: Night of the Doctor
Doctor Who fans rejoice: The Stay Up Late Show presents a screening of Day of the Doctor (the 50th anniversary episode starring Matt Smith and David Tennant) and Husbands of River Song (the 11th Christmas Special episode starring Alex Kingston and Peter Capaldi). In between episodes, Behind the Blue Door will give the audience a sneak peak of their live Whovian Holiday burlesque show (plus a couple of live performances).


2. Cabaret of Evil
Support hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico through Washington State's Puerto Rican Association chapter at this cabaret show starring Seattle's Maggie McMuffin.

3. L-E-V – OCD Love
This dance, scored by Ori Lichtik, seeks to embody "love, love that always misses, or lovers who keep missing each other."

4. Two Strokes of Genius
As part of ACT's Great Soul of Russia Series, join artistic director Gavin Reub as he curates and directs a play that focuses on the "relationships that spurred action in many great artists of the 19th and 20th Century." Expect appearances from pairs like Roger Fry and Virginia Woolf, Aaron Douglas and W.E.B. Du Bois, and Jackson Pollock and Frank O’Hara.


5. FuckUp Nights
A brave group of local leaders will share all the important fuck-ups they experienced on the gravelly road to success. Hear from Gratitude Interactive and Love to Thank app founder Valentina Vitols, tech entrepreneur Ethan Schaffer, and Techstars Startup Week's leadership organizer Minda Brusse. There may even be some audience participation, so come prepared to share your own stories of failure.

6. NeighborhoodTALKS: Seattle Greater Than
See presentations about neighborhood health and safety, including "preventing youth violence and substance abuse, fatherhood, and entrepreneurship." Presenters include poets Nakeya Isabell and Sean Goode, life coach Kathei McCoy, UW associate professor of Epidemiology Dr. Ali Rowhani-Rahbar, Ezell's Chicken founder Ezell Stephens (!), and others.

7. Next Stage: Legal Advice for Artists
Ashley Long, a local attorney at Carney Badley Spellman, will help artists navigate their legal rights. Participants will learn the basics of contract jargon, licensing and copyright laws, and other guidelines for maintaining ownership of creative work as it becomes public.

8. State, Local and Private Powers: Climate Change
Hear a panel discussion on environmental law, its limits, and the power states and other entities have to influence the national response to climate change.



9. Full Throttle Comedy with Michael Quu and Friends
Full Throttle Comedy is a New York-based show that features talent from HBO, Comedy Central, Showtime, and other popular networks. This time, they're welcoming MTV and Spike TV's Michael Quu to the stage.


10. Rhinoceros in Love
Rhinoceros in Love, a Chinese play written in 1999 by Meng Jinghui and his famous playwright wife Liao Yimei, has nine editions and has been presented in 89 countries and regions including Australia, Italy, France, New Zealand, South Korea, and Taiwan.



11. Sings the Hits
In Scotto Moore's play directed by Katie McKellar, Amanda Bixby (a returning character from last year's Can't Talk Right Now) is a radio show host whose new episode "faces down multi-generational sexism in the music industry." In an interview with a dreamy young rocker, Amanda learns that the singer’s new record includes a sample from a jazz recording from decades earlier that was thought to be lost. Amanda makes it her mission to both solve the mystery of the original recording and to help the rocker escape from her abusive manager.
No performances on Thursday or Friday



12. Olympia Film Festival
The 34th annual Olympia Film Festival celebrates women in film, from Susan Seidelman's 1982 low-budget punk classic, Smithereens, to Amy Heckerling's adaptation of Shakespeare's Emma in the 1995 comedy Clueless.



13. Origami: Inspiration in Science, Design, and Structures
At the Structural Engineers Foundation of Washington's seventh annual fall forum, three panelists will discuss the evolution of origami, the intricate Japanese art of paper folding, and its influence on technology and design. Speakers include Cardobirgami president Tina Hovsepian, artist Robert J. Lang, and WJE associate principal Mark Morden.


14. Andrew Wyeth at the Movies: The Big Parade
Discover King Vidor's monumental 1925 war epic The Big Parade as the second in a duo of films related to Andrew Wyeth's aesthetic. The Big Parade influenced Wyeth directly, according to the Seattle Art Museum. This movie will be shown in conjunction with the exhibit Andrew Wyeth: In Retrospect.


15. Mario Kart N64 Tournament
All those hours you spent playing your N64 instead of doing your math homework are about to pay off. At this Mario Kart tournament, win prizes for expertly zooming around and jumping over puddles and flames on the big screen.


16. The Beat
Jetspace Magazine's new show is filmed live, featuring both live musical performances and interviews from three local queer artists. This time, hear from IAmCHAMEL, Donte Johnson "Da Qween," and hiphop/soul singer/songwriter Infinity LK.

17. Piano Starts Here: The Music of Jan Johannson & Esbjorn Svensson
Piano Starts Here as a series showcases the work of musical icons who contributed to the knowledge and appreciation of the instrument. This iteration celebrates Jan Johansson and Esbjorn Svensson, both vast contributors to the American canon of jazz composition and performance. Musicians for the evening, playing on the Royal Room's Steinway B grand piano, include Nelda Swiggett, Aaron Otheim, Maria Mannisto, Clif Swiggett, Nate Parker, and Alex Guilbert.

18. Stoner Jordan, DJ Menace Oddman, Guests
Rapper Stoner Jordan and beat compatriot DJ Menace Oddman will hit the road on their Highway to 420 Tour, with guest spots by Kiiing Dook, DeadEye, Dopy T, Lazy Hill, O'Connor, and Charlie Junter.


19. The Nutcracker at 125
See the evolution of the classic holiday performance from Russian choreographers Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov's 1892 original to George Balanchine's 1954 production, demonstrated by the talented dancers at Pacific Northwest Ballet.


20. Astronomy on Tap: Arts and the Multiverse
Hear from cosmologist Professor Matt McQuinn as he grapples with the question: "Could our universe really be a multiverse?" He'll be joined by Jon Ramer, president of the International Association of Astronomical Artists, who will speak on the intersection between the arts and the sciences.

21. Interview with a Witch: Bri Luna and Witchcraft in the 21st Century
Learn from a real live witch, Bri Luna, creator of the Hoodwitch website, at this Goodship-hosted talk on the history of wise women, their medicine, and the violence committed against them. Luna will cover topics from "technology to feminism to casting spells." Earth & Ceremony will provide music, and Goodship will offer you some (weed-free) goodies. As with all Goodship education events, you may not consume marijuana on the premises, so come prepared.

22. Krysten Ritter
Actor Krysten Ritter (whom you may recognize as the star of Jessica Jones) presents Bonfire, a novel about an environmental lawyer tracking down a vanished friend and a strange, secret ritual.

23. Lunch & Learn: Forced to Flee
At this brown bag lunch, Erica Berg, curator of the Holocaust Center for Humanity's Forced to Flee exhibit and one of the Burmese refugee artists, will talk about the exhibit and the ongoing crisis in Burma. Coffee and cookies are provided.

24. Ree Drummond: The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Come and Get It!
Ree Drummond is the author of three cookbooks and the host of the Food Network cooking show The Pioneer Woman. In her latest book, she shares easy dishes that can be made on the fly.

25. Shades of Leadership
YWCA GirlsFirst "encourages leadership, instills confidence, develops skills, and provides opportunities" to young womxn of color in Seattle and King County through community-building activities, STEAM-based education, and summer internships. Hear a presentation of this year's GirlsFirst Youth Award, followed by remarks from Keleghai Tatah Mentan from Red-Tailed Hawks Flying Club and Black Pilots of America. Guests can alo enjoy a champagne reception and dinner from Tom Douglas Catering.

26. Solving Future Challenges of Population Growth
Over the last century, the world’s population has "grown three times larger than the entire previous history of humanity," resulting in under-resourced communities that struggle to maintain public health and safety. Hear from Symbiogenics' Rusty Rodriguez and UW Jackson School of International Studies professor Sara Curran about possible solutions.

27. Sung Yim with Frances S. Lee
In their debut memoir, What About the Rest of Your Life, Sung Yim "reinvents the recovery narrative through an immigrant's lens." Join the author, whose essays and poems have been featured in The James Franco Review, Contrary, Kweli, and Crab Fat Magazine, in conversation with multidisciplinary creative scholar Frances S. Lee.



28. The Mads
Join Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Frank Conniff and Trace Beaulieu as they screen "some of the worst movies ever made" and make fun of them in the same style as the Peabody Award-winning TV series.



29. 5th Annual Chop Challenge & Group Show
The 5th Annual Chop Challenge is an exhibit and fundraiser featuring Eileen Fisher garments "up-cycled" into functional items or works of art.
Opening Wednesday

30. Fire & Ice Festival
Winter is a time for snow people and warm fires to compliment each other from a distance, and the holidays wouldn't be complete without them. For its third annual Fire and Ice festival, the Museum of Glass hosts a variety of holiday-themed performances and demonstrations, from a snow sculpture demonstration by artist Nancy Callan to a glass ornament workshop.
Opening Wednesday


31. American Buffalo
Don, Bobby, and Teach plan a robbery of a collection of rare coins in Seattle Immersive Theater's production of David Mamet's famously gritty and profane American Buffalo. Joshua Jon direct Eric Ray Anderson (the flabbergasted bartender in Twin Peaks), Jon Stutzman, and Randall Scott Carpenter in this tense tale of "white male fragility."



32. Abbey Arts Fundraising Party
Dress up real fancy, eat hors d'oeuvres, get tipsy, and hear some tunes while supporting Fremont Abbey's mission of bringing music, theater, poetry, and other indispensibles to the community.


33. Comedy Distilled
In 1988, Kermit Apio was the Dishwasher of the Month at the Sea-Tac Denny's. Now, he'll headline this comedy show hosted by Bo Johnson, with an additional set from local comic Monica Nevi.


34. Capitol Hill Design Guidelines Update Open House
The City of Seattle is teaming up with Capitol Hill Housing, the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict, and community members to update the existing Capitol Hill Neighborhood Design Guidelines, which will serve as a guide for future development throughout all areas within the Capitol Hill Urban Center. Meet the team, learn about the guidelines, and share your thoughts about all the new development on the Hill.


35. 10 Years! Ethan Stowell Restaurants Anniversary Party
To celebrate their first restaurants Tavolàta Belltown and How to Cook A Wolf turning a decade old, Angela and Ethan Stowell are throwing a bash MCed by Scott Carty of The Carty Party and DJed by DJ Blueeyedsoul, with a performance from a "very special musical guest." Guests will also have the opportunity to enter a raffle to win a night out in the limo from Macklemore's "White Walls" music video and a dinner for four at Goldfinch Tavern. All proceeds go to benefit United Way of King County.

36. Dalmore Scotch and Cigar Dinner
Slip on your Italian loafers and all of your gold jewelry for this decadent evening of Dalmore scotch, cigars, and a five-course dinner prepared by Chef Nathan Batway. The menu includes Wagyu beef tartare, elk brasciole, port-braised rabbit, and beef tenderloin. At the end of the night, muse over your accomplishments or the weather with a glass of Dalmore's Cigar Malt and a selection of actual cigars.


37. Lil Debbie, Raven Felix, VarSity Crew Entertainment
Lil Debbie is the queen of shit talking. The sassy rapper (not the line of sugary snack cakes) first showed up in the music world in Kreayshawn’s 2011 video for “Gucci Gucci,” where she appeared beside the fellow White Girl Mob rapper wearing a shirt that said “Smokin’ Super Chronic” while Kreayshawn sang about basic bitches. After a fallout with the group of Oakland lady rappers, Lil Debbie launched her own career, teaming up with RiFF RaFF for a few over-the-top videos. When she’s not smoking gold-woven blunts, starting beef on Twitter, or accusing Miley Cyrus of stealing her culturally appropriated persona, Lil Debbie brattily raps about weed and haters and Michelle Obama over junky beats that maddeningly lodge themselves deep in my brain. And yours, too, maybe, if you go to her spectacle of a show. ROBIN EDWARDS


38. Campfire: Improvised Ghost Stories
KUOW and Unexpected Productions present seven weeks-worth of spooky, creepy, and kooky improvised ghost stories based on real-life events shared by audience members.

39. Special Olympics USA Games Gala Performance with Teatro ZinZanni
Teatro ZinZanni presents a special performance of Love, Chaos and Dinner with a multi-course menu courtesy of James Beard Award-winning chef Jason Wilson. Proceeds benefit the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle.

40. Total Burlesque Live
Al Lykya hosts this burlesque MTV tribute show, featuring a countdown of 10 songs from 1997 to 2007 in TRL-esque fashion. Performers include Charity Brawl, Celia Lipshutz, Mx. Pucks A'Plenty, Chaos X Machina, Beau Briefs, Champagne Splitz, and Liza Punani.


41. Elise Hooper: The Other Alcott
In her debut novel, Elise Hooper imagines the untold story of May Alcott—the youngest sister of Little Women author Louisa Alcott—whom Amy, Little Women's least-liked sister, is supposedly based on. In Hopper's story, May is deeply hurt by her portrayal in her sister's beloved novel, and she "embarks on a quest to discover her own true identity, as an artist and a woman."

42. Ladies Get Money
April Wilson, vice president of Pacific Resource Capital Group, Inc. will shed light on financial planning, protection and risk management, wealth accumulation, and retirement planning geared toward women.

43. Matt Mair Lowery and Cassie Anderson: Lifeformed Guest Signing
In this comic book—a collaboration between writer Matt Mair Lowery and artist Cassie Anderson—a young girl is tasked with fighting for the future of the planet in the wake of an alien invasion and her father's death. She's helped by a shape-shifting rebel alien, and the two form an unlikely bond.

44. The Selfie Vote: Where Millennials Are Leading America (And How Republicans Can Keep Up)
Political pollster, author, and ABC News contributor Kristen Soltis Anderson examines popular trends among millennials and how they influence the way youth, women, and minorities approach decision making. In this talk, Anderson will share her insights into the changing nature of American politics and business.

45. Sue Averill & Elizabeth Coulter: One Nurse at a Time: On a Mission
Sue Averill and Elizabeth Coulter are veteran ER nurses who have traveled around the world helping people in dire need of medical attention, from victims of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda to Ebola patients in Sierra Leone. Hear them share their experiences as they present from their book One Nurse At A Time: On A Mission.

46. Tateuchi Lecture: Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki
This year's Tateuchi lecture series features former ambassador of Japan to the US, Ichiro Fujisaki, who will share his perspective on "the future of trade, Japanese economic impacts, foreign threats, and US-Japan relations" in the current administration.

47. Tom Cronin
In this talk, Political scientist Tom Cronin will share his new book, Imagining a Great Republic, which examines 40 American novels "dealing with our politics." Among them are Robert Penn Warren's All the King's Men, John Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath, Phillip Roth's The Plot Against America, and Richard Condon's The Manchurian Candidate.


48. CF StairClimb
Climb 56 flights of stairs to help fund cystic fibrosis research. After climbing your way to the top, take the freight elevator down to the Happy Landings Party in the Atrium, where you can eat food from BJ's Restaurant & Brewery, hydrate with Cascade Ice, and get a well-deserved massage.



49. Dystopia! The Musical
Dystopian literature, movies, and art don't seem so "dystopian" as of late. This improvised musical takes a lighthearted look at the apocalypse, with one act steeped in existential dread, and the other steeped in glitter. The audience suggests what happens when the world ends, and the players belt out the songs on the spot.



50. Compendium: Post Graffiti Contemporary Abstraction
Compendium is an exploration of "post graffiti," a contemporary abstract movement. Utilizing blends of color, line work, and space as subjects, each artist’s approach is weighted in the "individualism and self-determination that graffiti culture fosters."
Closing Saturday


51. Speechless
At the Seattle premiere of Speechless, a group of presenters ranging from comedians to software engineers will be given a laser pointer and a deck of random slides. From there, they'll improvise a presentation that they've never seen before, which could result in both blunders and brilliance.


52. Baltimore
In Baltimore, a group of students raise questions about their college's commitment to diversity and inclusion. The play's protagonist, Shelby, is an RA at a liberal arts college who is convinced that her generation is "going to evade history" by being constantly asked to answer "old, dead questions" instead of studying first-hand accounts of oppressive periods. When a racially charged incident divides her first-year students, Shelby finds herself watching her community fall apart.

53. Casa Patas Flamenco: Binomio
Francisco Hidalgo, Anabel Moreno, and dance company Casa Patas (one of Madrid's best flamenco companies) present this evening of energetic and emotional flamenco and Spanish dance.

54. The Inappropriate Suitor
Steven Sterne directs this "us against the world" love story about a rebellious boarding school girl and a city boy who live in an oppressive world. The show is inspired by German Expressionism, "boarding school gothic," and Medieval super-science. Fans of old New York, Tim Burton, doppelgangers, and ice skating are expected to particularly enjoy it.

55. The Last Croissant
A park ranger, a couple of bird-watching empty nesters, a fortune cookie writer, a bear, and campground hosts Mumbo and Jumbo come together at a Redwoods campsite. While they're all their for different reasons, "all of them are taking a moment to think whether they could or should have done something differently."

56. Soledad Barrio and Noche Flamenca
Madrid-born Soledad Barrio and the Noche Flamenca troupe, headed by Martin Santangelo, will bring the color and artistry of the Spanish dance to Seattle. Barrio will perform solo dances and join the troupe for classic works and a new piece called La Ronde.

Chris Fisher's play STEEL centers on a suburban New Jersey family during 9/11. As the family's young son, Walker, comes of age a few years after the attack, he begins to realize the secrets his family has been keeping in order to protect him.
No performance on Friday



58. 63 Trillion
The team behind theater/music/variety podcast Sandbox Radio presents the Seattle premiere of 63 Trillion, a dark comedy by John Bunzel about "a small group of financial advisors desperate to survive the worst financial crisis in history."

59. An Evening with Satan
Spend an evening learning about the woes of the fallen angel Lucifer (aka Satan) in this play written by David Quicksall and Rachel Glass. They'll answer questions like: "Why is Satan so feared, maligned, and misunderstood?"



60. Innovators Auction
Bid on over 50 experience prizes, from a puzzle room with Ken Jennings to a beer-making class with local breweries, at this auction and gala in support of the World Is Fun, an organization that helps Seattleites find volunteer opportunities for a variety of causes. The evening also includes drinks, appetizers, and fun activities.

61. Talking Turkey Day
As we well know, Thanksgiving is a holiday steeped in colonialism and built on a terrible lie. We also know that it's a day to feast on various nightshades and birds. For this edition of Night Lab, join Ada's head chef, Kristina Hoffman, in a discussion of the history and evolution of our Thanksgiving meals. Guests will also also get the chance to share their own stories of familial and regional tradition.

62. Turkey Toss
See how jaguars, lions, otters, snow leopards, wolves, monkeys, and other zoo animals react when they're presented with a raw Thanksgiving turkey.


63. Old Stove Makeover Mixer at the MarketFront
Old Stove, a Seattle brewery founded last year, is the anchor tenant of the new MarketFront addition at Pike Place Market. The brewing space, which is undergoing a shiny makeover and is only partially open to the public, will be temporarily unveiled for a sneak preview. Grab a beer and chat about the amenities of the new space with architect Greg Bjarko, members of Adatto Construction, and the general contractor responsible for the remodel of the taproom, brewery, and restaurant.

64. VineArts
Sample seven "mystery" wines from local wine makers like Alexandria Nicole Cellars, Betz Family Winery, Kerloo Cellars, Kevin White Winery, KVintners, and others, and vote on your favorite. At the end of the night, the wines will be revealed in the Glasshouse with a Q&A hosted by Bob Betz.


65. Autumn Disco '70s Night
Take a disco nap and put on your chicest '70s outfit for this groovy throwback party, where DJ Magic Sean will be laying down the funk until the wee hours.

66. Drake Vs. Kanye
Support two titans of hiphop with this DJ-helmed tribute to the music of Drake and Kanye West.

67. Frequency
Frequency, a new Seattle chamber ensemble that combines classical instruments with electronic sound, joins together violinist and artistic director Michael Jinsoo Lim, violinist Melia Watras, and celist Sæunn Thorsteinsdóttir. For this program, they'll be performing Frances White's "The Old Rose Reader" and "As Night Falls," Daniel Bjarnason's "Bow to String," and Richard Einhorn's "Maxwell's Demon."

68. Hording of Evil Vengeance Fest
Descend into the gritty underworld of rising metal groups with two days of thrash, sludge, and doom.

69. Poor Man's Whiskey Perform "Dark Side of the Moonshine" with Head For The Hills
Pink Floyd's legendary Dark Side of the Moon album will come back to life through the reinterpretation of "Northern California's Jamgrass favorites," who'll precede the tribute with some original songs.


70. Cirrus Circus Annual Show
Juggling, tightwire work, clowning, and more await you at this annual circus fest performed by SANCA's youth circus students.

71. Intertwined!—We Are All Connected
Resilient Together, a new dance performance by JACE, is Inspired by the power of solidarity that comes from fighting for climate justice issues. The piece "aims to communicate gratitude, excitement, and hope moving forward." After the dance, there will be a silent auction to raise money for 350 Seattle.

72. Performers Anonymous
This open mic is an opportunity for performers and entertainers of all kinds to connect with the local arts community, share their work, and gain support. The night features a panel of local celebrity speakers, performances by local artists, and an open mic audition for new talent. After each audition, the local celebrity speakers will give constructive feedback.


73. Jackson Galaxy: Total Cat Mojo
Cat behaviorist and host of the (all-too-relatable) TV show My Cat from Hell will share his latest book, Total Cat Mojo: Everything You Need to Know to Care for Your Favorite Feline Friend.

74. Robert and Daisy Kunstaetter: Trekking Peru
If you have questions about trekking in Peru, Robert and Daisy Kunstaetter have some answers. The couple have lived and traveled in South America for years, settling in Daisy's native Ecuador. In their latest travel guide, they showcase nine different Peruvian regions, from well-known spots to hidden gems.

75. Sara Wachter-Boettcher: Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, and Toxic Tech
Sara Wachter-Boettcher takes down bias in technology and online life in Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, and Other Threats of Toxic Tech, with examples like "chat bots that harass women, signup forms that automatically fail anyone who’s not straight, unfairly weighted algorithms that put more black people behind bars."

76. Words to Carry Us
Join local poet Join Elizabeth Austen and palliative care social worker Kari Hilwig for an evening of discussion and poetry that explores grief, illness, and "spiritual and psychological healing." Audience members are welcome to share a poem that has helped them through a difficult time, whether they wrote it or not.



77. ACES: Artists of Color Expo & Symposium
This POC-led, community-curated program offers performances, exhibits, presentations, workshops, and open forums. They add: "Our vision is to establish a space for us to celebrate and center ourselves. We are coming together with intentionality to value our work and to see each other as resources, while focusing on the challenges and and solutions we face as artists of color in the Pacific Northwest."


78. Warren Miller's Line of Descent
Get ready for snow sport season with a screening of Warren Miller's Line of Descent, which features a cast of new and seasoned ski champions like Tommy Moe, Jonny Moseley, JT Holmes, Lexi duPont, Seth Wescott, and many others.


79. Anar Dana
Anar Dana, which means "pomegranate seed," brings you traditional women's dances from the Western Sahara's Sahraoui people, from Ražanac on the Dalmatian coast in Croatia, and from Aegean Turkey, as well as Armenian Yaman Yar, Assyrian dance, Qajar court dance of 19th Century Iran, and Uzbeki classical dance.

80. Occurrence
See a compilation of Spectrum's complete dances, excerpts of dances from the repertory, and new sequences arranged for a particular performance and place, "with the possibility of several separate activities happening all at the same time."

81. The Twilight Zone: Live!
Experience the cheesy yet unsettling 1960s thrills of the classic Twilight Zone scripts—live.



82. Cilvia_Sylvia Residency Showings
See three unique performances of choreographer Markeith Wiley and Laura Aschoff's new collaboration, "Being All Feeling or 6 to 8 white women," for Base's third and final artist residency of 2017. Each night features different combinations of performers, materials, and levels of audience engagement.



83. The Nightmare Society
The Nightmare Society tells the story of a commune of artists whose nightmares are sparked by the sound of a grandfather clock. Explore your deepest fears while intermittently giggling at this improvised horror show.


84. Cranksgiving
On this food drive scavenger hunt, you'll get a list of secret stores to buy food from (by way of your bicycle) to be donated to Rainier Valley Food Bank. The more you buy, the more points you get. Bring a pen, a bag for carrying groceries, and at least $20.

85. Empty Bowls
Support the Emergency Food Network at this holiday fundraiser, wherein attendees can browse over 15,000 unique bowls, which make for nice holiday gifts. After purchasing bowls, guests are served a bowl of soup (in a separate bowl) cooked by local chefs.

86. Filson Winter Warm Up
The wind and rain are currently blustering outside, so why not sit by a warm fire and cherish the warm embrace of free hot cider, espresso, and fresh donuts? Live DJs will be spinning soul records for the occasion.

87. Life:Forms and Seattle Unique Boutique Holiday Extravaganza
Find a variety of arts and crafts, apparel, jewelry, knickknacks, and the like from over 60 vendors at this holiday market. While you're shopping, enjoy a $5 mimosa and music from DJ Mikey Mars.

88. Wikipedia Edit-a-thon
Wikipedia, that ever-expansive den of facts trusted and quoted by the masses at dinner table arguments around the world, is edited by a limited demographic: Namely, "white, male, and English speaking." This is especially problematic when it comes to coverage of womxn and queer artists of color. In an effort to change this, Jacob Lawrence Gallery is hosting an editing party for diverse voices to share their much-needed perspective on the site.


89. 80 For 80
Ruben Rodriguez and Richard Kilpatrick's documentary series profiles 80 longtime King Country residents over 80 who share their thoughts on Seattle's growth and change. This screening will feature a couple of episodes, behind-the-scenes footage, and a Q&A with producer Monica Nevi and the directors.

90. Cinema Dissection: Magic Mike XXL with Courtney Sheehan
In Cinema Dissection, you'll scene-by-scene analyze a cinematically significant work (in this case, Magic Mike XXL, in which, as Elinor Jones remarked, "Channing Tatum returns as Mike Lane, the stripper with a wang of gold") with a film scholar. Northwest Film Forum director Courtney Sheehan will lead this one.


91. Local Comic Shop Day
Support your neighborhood comic shop! Participating stores around the county are celebrating the third annual Local Comic Shop Day with special discounts and limited-edition goods.

92. Minecon Earth Party
Devote your day to Minecraft by building battles and challenges, meeting Minecraft developers, and watching the MINECON Earth live stream on MoPOP’s Sky Church screen.


93. Ain't No Heaven Seven
Hear traditional New Orleans "Dixieland" jazz from seasoned players Terry Rogers (saxophone), Dave Hol (cornet), Bert Bertram (trombone), Zane Smith (bass clarinet), David Gilbert (piano), Gene Silberberg (Banjo), and Al Rustad (Tuba).

94. Jammin' Challenge
The finale of this year's Wave Radio Jammin' Challenge features four Northwest artists who have made it through three rounds of elimination. Hear their stuff, vote on your favorite band, and see who wins the grand prize ($18,000 in cash and prizes). The performers include country/pop artist Afton Prater, singer/songwriter Carina's Nebula, alt rock artist Enloe, and pop/punk band Jet Force Gemini.

Continuing in the tradition of Nectar being the one-stop shop for all things jam band, this super-group instrumental tribute to Phish includes performances from members of Buzz Brump.

96. WARNING DANGER, The Disco Cowboys, Midnight Radio Revival, World Extreme Pencil Fighting League
Safety-themed punk group WARNING DANGER takes their audiences on a ride of potentially problematic scenarios of life-endangerment. They'll be joined by The Disco Cowboys and Midnight Radio Revival, as well as the World Extreme Pencil Fighting League for a night of live music plus professional pencil fighting battles, whatever that is.

97. Winter Jam
Christian music mega tour Winter Jam will return to the West Coast this season with live sets by Lecrae, Mac Powell, Mineo, Building 429, Family Force 5, Newsong, Moriah Peters Presenting Trala, Nick Hall, and more.


98. Pushing Pasties: American Bods
Bryan Fuller, the TV writer and producer responsible for the fantasy series American Gods, Star Trek: Discovery, and many other projects, is getting the honor of having his work translated into two local burlesque shows! Pushing Pasties: American Bods is the brainchild of Scarlett O'Hairdye, Sailor St. Claire, and Maggie McMuffin to channel everything from "mermaid aunts to monstrous visions, captains to cannibals, old gods, and new sci-fi." Starring NYC's Miss Mary Cyn and Portland's Hyacinth Lee.


99. Rainbow of Infinite Light: LGBTQ in Shin Buddhism Seminar
This seminar will explore the Shin Buddhist teachings "related to LGBTQ individuals." Participants will examine Shin Buddhism’s historical and modern relationship with sexuality, gender, and love through a series of presentations, personal stories, and group discussions. Speakers include Marsha and Aiden Aizumi, co-authors of Two Spirits, One Heart, and Rev. Dr. Jeff Wilson, author of Buddhism of the Heart.


100. Civic Saturday with Eric Liu & Friends
Eric Liu will host Civic Saturday, described as "a civic analogue to church": a service that celebrates the American civic tradition through readings, songs, silent reflection, and a sermon by Liu himself.

101. Seattle7Writers' Eighth Annual Holiday Bookfest
Meet your favorite PNW authors and buy their books. Not only will they read and sell; they'll also bring tasty baked goods! Readers will include Laurie Frankel, Bharti Kirchner, Andrea Dunlop, Dori Hillestad Butler, and others. Need more books? There will be a pop-up shop courtesy of Phinney Books. Seattle7Writers (your hosts) will also be collecting "gently used" books, so you can clear out some space before bringing home new tomes. Plus! "People who donate three or more books will receive a free Seattle7Writers tote bag to carry their books."

102. TedxSeattle
This independently organized TED event promises fast-paced and engaging presentations on the theme of "Changing Places." The diverse topics include ending child trafficking, embracing diversity, making research free, ending homelessness, building a Seattle-Portland hyperloop, and more excellent goals.


103. Naked Yoga & Pilates
Naked in Motion founder Willow will lead a combination of pilates and Vinyasa yoga, followed by a 75-minute meditation session—all sans clothing. They add: "Nudity is mandatory, but women and trans folk have the option to wear bottoms for any reason."



104. Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird
Come one, come all, ye connoisseurs of miniatures, ye wearers of weed-leaf print, ye hunters of occult jewelry. Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird purveys whimsy, art, and extravagance from more than 150 local vendors. Plus food trucks!


105. Get Outdoors Book Fair
Find new and classic titles on hiking, climbing, snowshoeing, kayaking, birding, backpacking, mountaineering, and more at this outdoorsy book fair. If you're overwhelmed with choices or just want a quick recommendation, "veteran outdoor enthusiasts" will be onsite to help you find hikes that fit your needs and desires, both in the city and beyond. In addition to the book fair, the Nature Store will be featuring an expanded selection of nature-themed toys, bird feeders, wild bird seed, and more.

106. Native Art Mart
Buy authentic Native gifts—clothing, drums, art prints, and more—from a group of diverse local artists in beautiful Discovery Park.

107. Viola Spolin Improvisational Intensive
Viola Spolin’s Theater Games was largely responsible for launching the American improvisational theater movement. Join side-coach Aretha Sills in this accelerated introductory workshop, where she'll teach the fundamental aspects of Spolin's techinique.


108. Seattle Festival of Trees
Admire the gorgeously decorated trees that will be on display in the Fairmont Olympic Hotel lobby.

109. Yulefest
Celebrate the holidays the Nordic way with traditional Scandinavian dance, music, and crafts. Adults over 21 can enjoy a fully stocked Scandinavian bar, while the kids can enjoy arts, crafts, and a visit from Santa. Scoop up some Nordic prizes in the raffle or the silent auction. This is also your chance to say good-bye to the Nordic's old location as they prepare to move.


110. Anastacia-Renee
Former Hugo House Poet-in-Residence Anastacia-Renee presents her play 9 Ounces: A One Woman Show. Renee uses the audience as mirror for "internal reflection" as she embodies multiple characters (Luna, Alice, and Saraphina) who "weave a collective tale of individual grotesque beauty."



111. Matt Bellassai: Everything is Awful Tour
Web series star Matt Bellassai, whose shtick involved complaining about things from behind a glass of wine, will present his new book, Everything Is Awful.


112. Value Village Tacky Holiday Sweater Workshop
If you can throw a stone without hitting a tacky holiday sweater, it's not a true holiday season. Make your own masterpiece by bringing a blank slate to the store and decorating it with provided tools and flair. They also promise some holiday treats.


113. Seattle Slack Key Guitar Festival
Enjoy Hawaiian food, crafts, and workshops in "kanikapila style slack key guitar" before renowned musicians like Ledward Kaapana, George Kuo, and Darlene Ahuna take the stage.


114. Oy Vey Vegan
Estee Raviv will present Mediterranean vegan food from her book Oy Vey Vegan, copies of which will be for sale.


115. Cosplay 101
Do you eye the costumed comic lovers roaming the streets during ComicCon with envy? In this free class for beginners, cosplay expert Alchemic Rose will be your guide in pattern making, material foraging, and other useful tips to help you stand out as your favorite character.

116. Herbal Foundations
This weekend drop-in series of lectures and labs will focus on DIY herbal medicine. Students will learn "how herbal medicine dances with the seasons" through an introduction to healing plants and herbs, wildcrafting ethics, and physical and metaphysical plant energetics.


117. Babraham Lincoln, Lungs & Limbs, Guests
Wayne's World cover band Babraham Lincoln will suck & cut through their greatest hits, with special guest group Lungs & Limbs.

118. Trans POC Taking Ovah
Give it up to the pioneering trans artists from all across Seattle with this showcase of musical, literary, dance, and performance talent. J Mase III and Jade Dynasty will host, with live sets by Randy Ford, Zora Seboulisa, and Nic Masangkay in honor of November as Trans Awareness Month and November 20 as Trans Day of Remembrance.


119. Down The Rabbit Hole
You'll probably recognize Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara from the hit series Mythbusters—plus, they recently launched a new series called The White Rabbit Project (investigating unusual events and technologies from pop culture, science, and history) on Netflix. At this event, they'll treat the audience to an evening of live sleuthing and performance.

120. Gamelan Pacifica with Ki Midiyanto and Heni Savitri
Join Javanese artists Ki Midiyanto, musician and puppet master, and Heni Savatr, a solo vocalist.


121. Bretman Rock
Bretman Rock, an 18-year-old contour expert and general internet star who rose to fame through Instagram, is passing through Seattle on the last stop on his tour. Everyone who buys a ticket will get the chance to meet him and snap a picture.

122. Carina Chocano
Join LA-based pop-culture critic Carina Chocano as she reads from her new book of essays, You Play the Girl: On Playboy Bunnies, Stepford Wives, Train Wrecks, & Other Mixed Messages.

123. Jeff Kinney: Diary of a Wimpy Kid #12
Jeff Kinney has won a closet full of Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards for his fictional cartoon series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. In his latest addition to the series, The Getaway, Greg Heffley and his family go on a tropical vacation for the holidays, where a series of mishaps await.


124. Gay Dodgeball
The game was a drag in high school, but this league is anything but. Queer dodgeball champions and newbies are invited to to duke it out on the court.

125. Green Lake Gobble & Mashed Potato Munch Off
You have your choice of numerous activities: a 10K or 5K around Green Lake or a kids' dash, plus a post-race celebration, during which your alimentary tract can match wits with a mound of mashed potatoes in the competitive Munch Off. Seattle's Union Gospel Mission will receive funds from the event, and you can bring canned food for local residents as well.

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