Anatomy of a Painting

Brenna Youngblood’s Wild


Possibly your most pretentious review yet. This is essentially ugly, boring, and likely of no interest to anyone, even the artist. really.
@Azzam : What's pretentious is you stating that it's "likely of no interest to anyone." As if you're everyone. Which quite obviously is not the case since you seem intent on revealing to us a monochromatic spirit of generosity that makes the painting look like a fucking rainbow.
I know, it's generated such a rich stream of commentary here. everyone is fascinated.
I like this way of analyzing works. It is especially effective in the digital era. This particular work is a difficult one and an interesting choice for Ms. Graves to turn commenting on for. She must have known that this painting is a little like a Mudede post: polarizing.
This is so inspiring.

For a mere $12, I can buy a picture frame from Aaron Brothers, and then mount the weatherbeaten sheetrock that is rotting in my back yard. Artistic career, fame and fortune, here I come.
Although I have not seen this work, it probably should not be judged by how it looks online. In the context of the institution, I am sure it comes off better. But yes, in this format it looks somewhat like joke art.
seriously, how full of oneself must one be to make a psuedo-intellectual analysis of this crap? This stuff was dull 50 years ago when robert rauschenberg did it, and now it's derivative and dull and whoever is afraid to say it is a coward.