Khizr Khan, whose son was killed in Iraq, brandished a small copy of the U.S. Constitution during his challenge to Donald Trump on Thursday night. Now it's the hottest thing to come out of the DNC since Bill Clinton balloon GIFs.

The Washington Post reports that sales of a $1 pocket-sized volume from the National Center for Constitutional Studies surged on Amazon after Khan's speech. The book is currently sitting at number two on the retailer's best-seller list.

But let's not give money to the religious, conservative NCCS. (Khan didn't use their version.) Let's instead take advantage of the ACLU's offer of a free copy until November 8. You can order the book—which also includes handy things like the Amendments, including the Bill of Rights, and a guide understanding your rights if you're stopped by police—right here. Just enter the code POCKETRIGHTS at checkout. And maybe kick them some cash for shipping to support the ACLU's work on things like Internet privacy rights and the fight against anti-trans "bathroom bills."

Consider send a copy to a certain Republican nominee. Packs of 10 are $16 if you want to make it a group activity.

Here's the address:
Donald J. Trump for President
Trump Tower
725 Fifth Avenue
Manhattan, New York 10022