Wonder how many delegates will skip tonight's opening speeches. Somehow I get the feeling third-tier politicians, washed-up Hollywood celebs, and Melania Trump herself won't be powerful draws when you could be off visiting the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or the house from "A Christmas Story" instead.
With all due deference: "Who ever would have thought Hillary would have a better Twitter game than Trump?"

should read, "Who ever would have thought Hillary's staff of hired writers and social media wranglers would have a better Twitter game than Trump?"

Because you know she's not doing all this herself...whereas Trump apparently doesn't have anyone to check his grammar or spelling.

And the answer is: everyone.
@1 Aren't you just dying to see Melania's RealDoll-like frozen gold-digging face up there after they read off the GOP Convention Platform that includes making porn illegal?!? OMG. It's HILARIOUS!
She hires amazing Twitter people. The BEST twitter people. Her twitters are really amazing. They're gonna knock your socks off. #MakeTwitterGreatAgain
I prounouce #RNCinCLE as "runcible".
@5: it's not Donald's convention? Then why are the only speakers members of his family, plus the duck dude, and Scott Baio? Jesus H Christ, Clint Eastwood's goddamn chair is starting to make more sense than this roster of speakers.
@7 LOL thank you for reminding me of the chair.
@2: Christopher already knows that hence the "whoever" in the title. And it is perfectly common practice to ascribe decisions made by a campaign team to the candidate. Jesus.
@7: "Clint Eastwood and the empty chair
Would be better than this Republican pair."
--Barack Obama, sort of
as true today as it was four years ago

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