A 60% requirement gives 40% of the Senators all of the power. In our current political climate of almost-exactly-even 50% on each side, this must be frustrating.


We should get rid of the Senate entirely


@3 ?

There would still be a House of Representatives.

The Senate was created as a legislature for the states as entities. Which is to say its fundamentally feudal in conception. With the 17th Amendment that relation was obliterated and the Senate became another general legislature but with grossly malapportioned boundaries.

What purpose does it serve?

People who would take a stand against the principle of One Person, One Vote need to work a lot harder in concocting their arguments.


Let's replace the Senate with AI whose job it is to keep humanity's worst proclivities in check - overbreeding, destroying the planet, exploiting the lower classes, etc. It sure would be interesting to see what sort of legislation is suggested.



Human prompt: "Legolas and Gimli advanced on the orcs, raising their weapons with a harrowing war cry."

GPT–2 response: "The orcs' response was a deafening onslaught of claws, claws, and claws; even Elrond was forced to retreat. 'You are in good hands, dwarf,' said Gimli, who had been among the first to charge at the orcs; it took only two words before their opponents were reduced to a blood-soaked quagmire, and the dwarf took his first kill of the night."

That’s a lit-bot that is “too dangerous to release to the public”.

I know it’s a terrible thing and against all wokeness to say this, but if you can’t immediately point out a whole slew of errors with that bot’s “response” you probably voted for what Facebook said.

As for your musing, the correct computational decision would be the elimination of much of the human population.

Tough to exploit them if the computer decides they have to go.

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