Mayor Pete! the first time I've ever donated to a presidential run.


I'm still on the Cory Booker train, though it's certainly not picking up momentum at much of a clip. Given the weighted importance of the AA vote, it's almost gotta be a person of color, doesn't it? A POC from a swing state would be nice, though I'm not sure such a person exists. I've posted this before, but in case anyone is into such things and hasn't heard it, here's Booker on Krista Tippett's 'On Being' podcast (the political talk is actually fairly minimal, though it's incredibly revealing w/r/t his character, which seems impeccable.)


Joe Biden


Kamala Harris

No more old white men.

As for the resident in the WH, impeachment is pointless with a GOP majority senate that will not remove the resident from office. Hell, they won't even do their damn jobs and hold him accountable for overstepping his bounds with regard to the funding of the wall and all of his crimes violating his oath and his refusal to so his damn job. We have no government right now. We have a band of criminals dismantling everything they can as fast as they can because they will not be in power forever. They want to make it as difficult as possible (if not totally impossible) to undo the damage they are doing.


Same as before, Julian Castro. He is experienced, yet young. He is highly likely to take Florida, and a Democrat who takes Florida will almost assuredly win.


I'm also for Kamala Harris right now.
I'm open to changing that preference if more info comes in about other candidates or one I deem a better candidate announces late...but it's Harris for me right now.


No more rookies, that's all I know.


The one that does the same things as Bush and Trump but I feel better about it because I like their optics and they seem like they regret bombing people and like they are truly pained letting people get kicked out of their homes and starve amidst abundance.


I'm with Agrippa 2020!

If they ain't Corporate,
how can they be Dems?!

Just Kidding.
AOC. She'll most likely be olde enough after Trumpfy
finally gives up the Reins, with the USofA Totally Fucking Tanked.

It'll be way too Late, of course.


I've donated to Harris, Warren, and Mayor Pete. Those are my current top 3.

@5 - I'm not sure I'd say Castro is "likely to take Florida". Castro is of Mexican heritage, and does not speak Spanish (his mother forbade it and spoke only English at home). I could see that not going over well with Cubano and other FL Latino communities.


Kamala Harris. Just watching her campaign, she's so sharp. I think a huge amount of being president is being a good manager and she has those skills. I like most of her positions. I want her to steal Booker's baby bonds and Warren's tax policy though.


Sen Amy Klobuchar!
Dems need to win the upper Mid-western states!
Second- Kamala Harris.
Why? A sharp AG would make a great President!


I am hard for Bernard.

I feel the Bern in my Buttigieg.

Bernie/Pete 20/20.


Bob Rivers


Whatever Democrat is running against trump. I don't care. Run a house cat for all I care.


Pete Buttigieg.


I'm hard for Bernie. Kamala may not be a white male, but what does she have to offer than a lot of enthusiasm? Nothing much in way of a policy agenda unlike Bernie. And a track record of prosecuting parents for their kids truancy and letting Steve Mnuchin's OneWest Bank off the hook for foreclosure violations. That's non-white male change that we can count on:/ .

Bernie's an old white guy, but he's got the best domestic policy agenda for all Americans who aren't wealthy. A social justice white guy who got arrested for protesting against housing discrimination in Chicago in the late 60's and a 100 percent rating from the NAACP.

Don't worry, I'll hold my nose and vote for the other dems including Kamala if the DNC screws Bernie again.


Eugene McCarthy!


Bernie mother fawkin' Sanders!


Harris. Not only is she not old and white, she's also a lot smarter and a lot more accomplished than Sanders.


Joe Biden, because he's the only one with a good polling lead on DJT in a general election match up. Incumbent president, economy good (but look at all those homeless). It's not gonna be a cake walk.


Elizabeth Warren & Andrew Yang

Also I disagree about choosing against on the basis of white, male, and old. That is just about as racist, sexist, and ageist as any comment you'd find on Brietbart...choose based on policy, integrity, and ability.


@19: He is livelier than Inslee.


I doubt the bigs and the wigs will let it be Bernie. Can't we just get an agreement among the candidates that whoever wins will incorporate the Sanders economic and healthcare proposals in their platform, and a "get the hell out of Iraq/Afghanistan/Libya/Yemen/Leave Venezuela ALONE" foreign policy? There are no positions to the right of Sanders or Warren on economic and healthcare policies that are different than conservatism, we don't need a nominee that obsesses with the imaginary "center", and there's no broad public support for any of the things our leaders are doing to the rest of the world.


Andrew Yang told me that he was going to give me $1,000 for free every month and make anime real, so he has my vote.


Joe Biden.
A genuine product, layers and layers of character.
Probably the last of a generation of American leaders the likes of which we will not see again for generations.

@23 FTW
It is telling how openly and brazenly Leftists wear their bigotries;
their racist, sexist, and ageist;
their religious hatred.
Not much great springs from that soil.


Bernie or Warren or bust. Maybe Mayor Pete.

Everybody else will have me voting third party or write-in again in the general.


Andrew Yang has my support but I'll probably vote any dem who wins the primary




Andrew Yang. His platform leans left but UBI ($1000/mo) and his other policies transcends left-right and has been attracting people from across the aisle. $1000/mo will help with rural America, small towns but $15/hr will be tough for small towns small business owners. The threat of automation to jobs in the next time 5-10 years is real and he is the one who understands it and how we need to change how we see jobs, and human values. Many independents/republicans are already switching party affiliation to vote for him in the primary to vote for him. In his fb group, I felt like for the first time in a long time, progressives/independents/conservatives are actually talking to each other to discuss policies. Watch the c-span or joe rogan interview to at least hear what he has to say.


Elizabeth Warren is bringing the policy. I'm inclined to vote for her so far. Bernie is still a solid choice too.


I'm still hard for Bernie. We even have the same birthday! Yeah, he's another old white dude, but I'm not going to play the identity politics game right now


A female triumvirate:
Warren, Harris, Klobuchar.


Someone with experience in congress, because they need to know how to deal with all the intransigence they will experience once elected. That was a problem with Obama, who was too apparently nice, should have fought harder instead of waiting for people to be reasonable.
Someone who is not a super moderate dem that tries to do the middle like Bill Clinton did (although he did try for health care), someone who is not a corporatist dem.
Someone who is not too old, understands technology at least a little bit, sends email, surfs the web. Does Biden do these things?
I don't know how far Biden has come since Clarence Thomas, and he's pretty freaking old. I can't imagine my own parents doing this and they are younger than him. Kamala Harris was completely pushing the "law and order tough prosecutor" thing when she was attorney general in California, I don't know if I trust her. It's sad because if she had all those things, she does seem very effective, organized, and speaks well. Buttigieg sounds good, needs more experience. I like what Sanders says, he neutralizes Trump appeal to poor factory workers legitimately, he's scary to some moderates.

Younger more liberal Biden, older far more experienced Buttigieg, Harris after she does successfully push things through congress and shows she's not just an opportunist.


@18 Sorry but Bernie Sander's 'domestic policy agenda' is totally vapid. Anyone can spout promises about free this and free that. There was no meat there in 2016 and there is none now. Corner him and push him on how he is going to pay for his fantastical bullshit and push it through a Congress clogged with fringe right throwbacks. He's got nothing.

Warren is by far, leagues beyond, the smartest candidate in the race. She comes out with new, well thought out policy proposals practically every day. I don't think she has a prayer in hell to tell you the truth and I don't think she can be counted on in the least on the civil liberties front (which disturbs me immensely), but hands down the most capable candidate. Let's all agree: (Bernie bros you too how bout it?) we vote for whoever the Dem nominee is. Period.


Undecided. Though, I think Warren played into Trump with the whole heritage thing, that kinda eliminates her from the competition. Klobuchar screams Hillary 2.0 with all the negative stuff that has come out about how she treats workers. Plus, having lady bits doesn't really mean you are anywhere near a decent human being (as much as the white ladies of a certain age here would like you to believe otherwise). Yang might be an ok alley to declare as a cabinet member early on. Castro and and Booker? I just haven't seen enough from either of them to know well enough if they could stand up to Trump and not fall into any of his traps. Beto? The single most bland of all the candidates. Couldn't be more wishy washy if he had been the democratic candidate in 2004.

Sanders... Well, Sanders is just too old along with Biden. We need someone who will look healthy and strong next to the decrepit, old POS in the White House.

Kamala I like but it's starting to seem like her supporters are just as insufferable as Hillary's was. That's not a good thing if we want to unite behind someone. Plus, yea, we need a candidate that can put all their weight into supporting marijuana legalization. It'd be a good way to take away a couple libertarian votes from Trump. She'd definitely have to run alongside someone with some liberal bonafides.

But, if I had to choose at this moment, Buttigieg. Speaks well, isn't just an "old white guy", and, again, has some liberal bonafides. Then again, he could have some blunders himself.


We wish we had some of whatever the Yang folks are smoking......


"...choose based on policy, integrity, and ability."

Sure, in theory that's wonderful. In reality though, you've gotta factor in electability. Otherwise you run the very real risk of winding up with a fat, fuckin' narcissistic shithead in the most powerful office on the planet.


@37 Talk about insufferable. I would like to point out that it was 1/4 of the Hillary crowd in 2008 that turned around and voted for McCain/Palin. You know Palin, right? The original Trump in American politics. How about this? Don't instigate infighting like a halfwit?


xina @4: "Kamala Harris
No more old white men."

This is an excellent point. If we're going to have four more years of the same neoliberal corporatist Democratic policies that created the opening for President Donald Trump, we can at least have those policies packaged with a fresh, new ethnicity and gender.


@39: What is it about "make anime real' that you don't get?



@37 "Hmmm this Bernie feller wants everything for free." he said so sagely after watching financial news talking heads.

He never has said anything was free. He says we're going to pay for it and he says who is going pay for it. The boogey man stories aren't fooling anyone. You tell them how much single payer would cost and it's less than we're paying right now for decent insurance.


@44 Well let's see one of those 'talking heads' was Bernie himself back in 2016. When he was cornered he had a whole lot of nothing. Sure there's a (optimistic) breakdown of how much taxes would have to go up. Where's the strategy for actually enacting this massive tax increase in this right-wing anti-tax country? Have his policy proposals changed? No one who pays the least bit of attention to politics in this country would believe that you are going to push single payer (as he envisions it) through Congress. Vague fluffy proposals are what he had and continues to have as far as I can tell.


Harris and Warren

Yes, I know. It's what America needs, not what America wants.


Bernie is the only one with the record and the chops to do the job right. Don't make the mistake of holding his old whiteness against him. Why go with a pale copy when you can have the OG? Don't listen to their words, only actions matter, as always. It'll be Bernie/Warren.


As an old white man who rejects ageism and sexism, even when leveled against old white men, I will be voting for the best anti-war candidate. So far these include post-911 war veterans Mayor Pete and Tulsi, who are also progressives relative to domestic policies.


@37, I agree, any democratic president, including your fave Warren, regardless of how much legislative experience one has, will have trouble getting their preferred legislation through a right wing senate. This is on the DNC leadership to fix and get busy growing a bench in all 50 states. It had a good guy in Howard Dean until President Hope and Change along with Rahm Emanuel got rid of him and replaced him with the incompetent likes of Tim Keane and Debbie Wasserman Shultz, who proceeded to lose hundreds of congressional seats all over the country.

Warren, FWIW, would be number 2 choice for me, but her wonky style might be more fit for Treasury Secretary.

As far as paying for stuff, lets do away with those tax cuts to big business, or at least make them contingent on investing in research, plant, equipment, and new worker training, and jobs. Rate the rates on the uber 1%; Cut, but slowly, cut the military budget--the MIC can make things tough if you go hard quickly, so go slow.

A good piece on the cost effectiveness of Medicare for All.


@49 Yeah that's all great but your dude has just about zero to say about how he could realistically enact his grand proposals, and said proposals are mostly lacking in details to boot. I can't believe that anyone would believe that Bernie Sanders would not be your classic 'deer in the headlights' if he was ever miraculously handed power. He's an old guy who likes to wave his arms around and make sweeping generalizations. There is absolutely nothing about Bernie Sanders that says 'here's a guy who can get the job done'. Nothing. I'll give you that there is no way he could be as inept as our national embarrassment in chief but high probability we would be looking at 4 years of chaos if somehow he got elected.


Sanders would actually build a nationwide coalition that would push change and raise hopes in the flyover states. It would take protests to push remaining republican and corporate democrats to get in line, but he's the only one that would lead and inspire those protests.

From Brexit to Trump, liberals need to learn that the inside game is the corporate game and a dead end.

Yes, Sanders is an old white male but his policies will benefit those of us not old, white and male more than the other choices.


I wish Stacie Abrams would run but without her on the ticket, I would vote for Bernie or Mayor Pete.


Andrew Yang


StillSanders2020 because nobody has better ideas than Bernie.


Amy Klobuchar. Places like Washington, Oregon, California and so forth will cast their electoral votes for the Democratic candidate. If you live here, you can vote for Winnie the Pooh. It doesn't matter. The Midwestern suburbs will decide who wins the Presidency in 2020. Amy Klobuchar.




Just not a centrist. Nominating another centrist means agreeing to fail again, to give up without a fight again, to keep the wars going again, to be more right of center than left of center(as even Obama was)AGAIN. Dems not only don't have to settle for that, we have nothing to gain from settling for that.

Centrists can't get any votes no other Dem could get, and have nothing to offer. And there's no such thing as a centrist policy..."centrist" policies are just conservatism with recycling baskets.

It really is simple-Dems need to offer the voters a chance to vote to end the wars and to put human needs(including the right to a job) and human dignity(Including the right of the poor to expect that a Democratic president won't join the Republicans in judging and blaming them for their condition).

There's nothing in the post-1981 domestic and foreign policy status quo that is worth preserving, ok?


If we're going to play identity politics as an argument against Bernie, it is worth mentioning that he'd be the first Jewish president. And he'd be the first U.S. president who would openly tell the Israeli government to cut the crap.


Andrew Yang. I am with #yanggang all the way. Donated twice. He is articulate, easy to understand, and have compelling ideas. If he becomes prez or VP, he will actually get sh*t done and do things for this economy and for Americans. Time to wake up folks. No more establishment, business as usual politicians.

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