Why just one?

No, seriously.

You could have seven debates:

1 - Climate plus Agriculture - talking about how to deal with massive impacts on agriculture, and how agriculture accelerates climate change when done by corporate greedheads

2 - Climate plus Defense - talking about how 90 percent of our military bases worldwide are under threat from climate change, and how switching to renewables has helped the military become more resilient and not have to protect as many supply lines

3 - Climate plus Energy - in which we talk about all the energy sources and the massive tax incentives, exemptions, deductions, and depreciation for all forms of inefficient expensive fossil fuels - and also how our current nuclear fission regime is out of date and should be phased into better standard reactor designs and fusion generators (which were developed here)

4 - Climate plus Foreign Policy - in which we admit we only need one fleet to splash attackers of Israel and decide to ignore the Middle East, since oil is not needed any more.

and so on


If Perez is making the decision, I'd say the odds are against us. Gotta keep the Frackers happy, while simultaneously shaming them.


@1: 5 - How to deal with GOP Denialism



That's pretty much the only one that matters. Until we address that, it doesn't matter how well informed and educated we all are w/r/t everything else. Honestly, I feel like we're gonna lose this battle, by simple virtue of the fact that their entire strategy involves nothing other than being lazy ass fucks and doing absolutely nothing other than continuing to elect lazy fucks who are committed to the cause (i.e. being lazy fucks and doing nothing.)


6 - How to discuss climate change with those in denial in less condescending and arrogant ways, which has just been exacerbating their denial.



Sure, guilty as charged. Though I'd point out that it's condescension and arrogance borne of frustration resulting from dealing with people who are possessed with a catastrophic combination of ignorance and power. One can only beat one's head against a wall so many times before said frustration boils over.


And that debate should take place exclusively via digital tools, with no air/road travel involved. Practice what you preach.


@6: right. it's liberal condescension that made Exxon et al fund a 30 year campaign of whataboutist bullshit, which was gleefully embraced by GOP, the Right Wing Noise Machine, and trolls of all stripes.

people believe whatever absolves them of responsibility. "keep doing what you're doing, the libs are lying" versus "the planet is going to burn and it's your fault"? easy choice for the average lazy ass American who likes their choices binary and guilt-free.


I mean @5, @6.


@8: If you're so adverse to exploring ways both sides could communicate better with each other, you're the lazy ass American who ALSO likes their choices binary and guilt-free.


Are you serious?

Frankly, there's no point in even talking to conservatives about climate change at all anymore. Most of them either have their eyes closed and their fingers in their ears, or are purposefully being stubborn merely to stick it to the libs.

They aren't open to hearing anything more about it so I fail to see any reason to even mention it to them anymore.


@11: No issue gets any better by extremists on any side who dig in with "Frankly, there's no point in even talking..." crap.


The world in going to end in 12 years! The almighty prophet of the people, the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-hearing Alexandria Ocazio-Cortez predicts! Prepare yourselves! The prophet is never wrong! :)


They should have it in a town-hall setting somewhere in the Midwest, imo. Democrats could capitalize on the recent spat of severe flooding and storms there, and right now farmers and 'Real' [sic] Americans are somewhat less enthusiastic about tariffs. Maybe Wisconsin.


@14 perfectly illustrates Urgutha's point. 97% of scientists are stressing the need to take urgent action on the matter, but dumbshits like him will just enjoy a yuk at the expense of an outspoken politician they don't like and let shit go to hell.


@10: ok, i'm too lazy. explain how you'd do it then.

on one side, you have the vast majority of the world's scientific community, arguing in good faith for decades that CO2 levels have to come down, the powerless Dems, haughty Euros, and mean, snarky liberals saying @14 is a dick.

on the other, you have the oil and gas industry's paid disinformation agents, their political allies, the right-wing media, and internet jagoffs who delight in accusations of chicken littleism and liberal hypocrisy because we use BTUs, all arguing in bad faith. they know they're lying.

in the middle stands Cliff Mass.

who bends first? those arguing in good faith? libtards have to stop saying deniers are full of shit because it hurts their feewings? or start accepting Republican framing, like "it's too late so fuck it"? do we accept the flawed science as legitimate?

Or Cliff Mass admits a weather event is caused by ACC, not merely correlated?

Certainly not those denying reality in the interests of their profit and share value? I mean, we're MEAN to them.

no one's moving off their space. nothing will change until it's too fucking late, by design.


@17: “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness”

-- Eleanor Roosevelt


No one denies the climate is changing.
But all the smart kids realize the Left (including and esp the bought and paid for hacks parading as scientists) has no fucking adea how to 'stop' or 'reverse' climate change (spoiler alert; it can't be done; climate will change, the only question is how and that is unpredictable)
The Wisdom of the Crowd trumps the paid off eggheads protecting tenure tracks and research funds and outbidding each others' dire predictions to catch the eye of the Leftist Propaganda media.
When The Left starts joining a sensible conversation about how to adapt to a changing climate (esp agriculture) they will quit being dismissed by America as annoying, arrogant and clueless.


@21 never post again.


It burns doesn't it,
The Truth?
that's going to leaves a mark...

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