Well, he's not even polling a 1% for POTUS so yeah, he'd be better off dropping out and focusing on something he maybe able to win


@1 Take off that ridiculous MAGA cap before your head caves in, laughing boy, and stop inhaling nitrous oxide.

Jay--please remain our Washington State Governor--we need you now more than ever to fight off the Trumpty Dumpty Dencey Pencey neofascist RepubliKKKan regime.


We all know he'll be President, and choose Marianne as his running mate.

Or maybe Tulsi.


Governor Milquetoast polled at 0.2% in the kernal poll at the Iowa State poll. Seems that carbon panic isn't a big seller.


He's clearly gunning to be someone's EPA head


Inslee has done so much more with his life than these snide little pissants chortling in the peanut gallery. Whatever he does, the opinions of anonymous online pricks who sit on the sidelines consuming oxygen, emitting carbon, and making the world a worse place matter not at all. You would all do well to emulate him in every way, and if by some miracle you become one tenth the man he is, that will be a vast improvement on what you are now. I'm not even an Inslee presidential campaign supporter; I'm only comparing Jay Inslee on the one hand, and [rando web smartass] on the other. No contest.


@2: Goverrnwhore Sinslee needs to be replaced by Vengeance. --- & citizensincharge dot org & ballotpedia dot org & politicalcompass dot org & .


Good on ya, Jay! Keep doing your usual good job, give us another term to get a liberal successor ready, and maybe youโ€™ll get a shot at higher office in four years.


I expect to be shouted down with expletives and insults from the MAGAs and Proud Boys in the peanut gallery for saying this, but I think Inslee's generally been a good governor. If he ran again, I'd vote for him.


@9 He only failed to pass two versions of his signature issue, a carbon tax. Milquetoast is a compliment.


@1, @4, @7, and @10: Oh, I see the pattern! Isn't it a little tedious coming up with so many new anonymous sign in names?It must be pretty boring in juvee today. Go outside for some air, and lay off the nitrous oxide, TeeHee.
@9 Purris: Agreed and seconded. Jay has been doing wonderful things for Washington State. I'm all for a third term for Inslee as Governor.


Thank you Auntie!
People forget that Inslee was elected to Congress from both the eastern and western districts in Washington Dtate.


Jay, please don't run. Would love to see Lorena Gonzalez run for statewide office. Perhaps the humiliation of a resounding defeat would wipe off some of that smug mug!


12- I think that no county in Eastern Washington went to Inslee in 2016. Also, only 9 Washington counties went to the Governor. Conversely, 30 counties went for Bill Bryant. King Counties massive population is what sealed the deal for Inslee.


Inslee has been exposed as a single-issue Chicken Little candidate. If anything, his run for president has weakened his standing as it has become clear that national voters aren't buying what he's selling.

This isn't to say that he won't win a third term as governor, but there are no guarantees that it'll be a cakewalk this time. He's historically weak, just like that president whom he detests.


He's ended his campaign for president according to an email to supporter I received this morning. One wonders if his campaign furthered the effort to mitigate the climate crisis or dampened it, because his inability to get traction sends a strong message to other candidates that it's not a top issue even for Dem voters. Disheartening at best.

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