I Was Stranger Music Editor for Three Minutes 18 Years Ago and Seattle Music Still Sucks


Uh...glad you're in a good place about all of this?
I forgot to mention the time when we produced genuine evidence of a conspiracy that Nirvana ripped off all their songs from Bush (and not vice versa, as is more commonly erroneously thought), and that I myself had been instrumental in suppressing the truth all those years.
you're the only local music writer i ever gave a damn about, so deal with that, motherfucker!
True lies! I don't know what that means, but it seems vaguely germane.
THIS guy!

Having him pop up certainly makes me feel less grumpy about the current slate of "Stranger" writers. What a hard-on he had for Olympia... I'm suprised he lasted as long as he did, considering how little he mentioned Seattle.
@2 that was the mystery of E.T. for me too. Did the strip come first or the name of the writer is a coincidence? Love the writer BTW. Also liked how the Stranger used to use the old strip's image to illustrate E.T.'s column.
Fuck I know i need a clue Im Everett True bring back whats my gripe with Michael Stipe.
@8, it's in the excerpts!