My favorite: The Price of Admission: This is what it costs to ride this ride. Your partner will have behaviors, quirks, flaws that you don't like and those are probably not going to go away. At least, there's probably nothing you can do to make them go away. So you have two choices: you can nope out and accept that it's a deal breaker for you. Or you can choose that all of the positive attributes of your partner outweigh the flaws and so you let it go. But you really let it go. You don't nag or fight or pout or do whatever you do. You don't let it get to you. When it happens, again, you say, "yup, this is what is costs to ride this ride," and you move on.
I've either heard or read Dan using an example of Terry leaving dairy products out, but I'm not sure which columns or podcasts.

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