Early days: (Left to right) Nancy Hartunian, Tim Keck, Dan Savage, Sean Hurley, James Sturm. daniel housman


Is this like the Best of Drunk of the Week retrospective that the Slog ran when Kelly O left the paper? Bye bye Stranger?
this reads like a Eulogy. RIP i guess.
The days when The Stranger was relevant...there really was a time.

I remember someone asking me for a "Stranger" at Cafe Paradiso (92-93?) and I honestly thought they meant the book by Camus. Seattle and I were pretentious. I miss us.
Why is the old mascot not mentioned in this article (the bald guy) also I seem to remember scavenger hunts. AND a really odd Stranger parody paper that had something 3 issues.
Excluding all this useless nostalgia, it might be interesting to look at the economics of Newspapers over the years. Was The Stranger the last decently successful alt-rag printed?

In 1991, early adopters (mostly academics) had email, but most working people still did their daily business in print. Remember printing out memos and leaving them in mailboxes? In '94 and '94, Mosaic and Netscape were released. By about 1998, everything new had moved to the web. In 2000, the bottom fell out of the print advertizing prices (File:Naa_newspaper_ad_revenue.svg">https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Naa_n…).

What was the last successful print paper launched, and when was it launched? Would The Stranger have flopped if it launched just 2 years later?
Ah, crap. Still no way to edit comments. The link I tried to paste in was badly eaten. You can find the graph I tried to post here on the right-hand column: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decline_of…
Wow, 25 years and congratulations Stranger! Now with sooooooooooooo many ads for weed...what would it be like without these? Good luck on the next 25.
Alturnative press in Seattle died with the Rocket, Charles Mudede us a carpet Bagger.
@6 The Mercury in Portland came (a decade?) later.
Tim and Dan were fucking hot back in the day.

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