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Here's what I wrote about Patterson Sims in a Stranger Suggests last week:

Before even-keeled Michael Darling, before take-charge Lisa Corrin, before academic Trevor Fairbrother, there was Patterson Sims, the notoriously charming Seattle Art Museum curator who could always get a collector on the phone and an artwork in the museum's vault. Now he's directing the Montclair Museum of Art in New Jersey, where he put together Anxious Objects: Willie Cole's Favorite Brands.

In this podcast, Sims talks about Cole (Anxious Objects is now at the Frye), his days at SAM, Seattle art now, and whether he's inclined to try to make a move back to Seattle (hint: yes).

(And for more on Cole, the New Jersey artist who has a fascinating fixation on the steam iron, do not miss SAM African curator Pam McClusky's talk with him Friday, August 10, at 7 pm at the Frye Art Museum.)


Domestic ID by Willie Cole

Stowage by Willie Cole

How Do You Spell America? by Willie Cole