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Ceci n'est pas une swingset (This Is Not a Swingset) by PDL. (Photograph by Felipe Luis Naranjo)

Jason Puccinelli, Jed Dunkerley, and Greg Lundgren are PDL—a group of artists that originally began as an homage/parody of another collaborative trio in Seattle, SuttonBeresCuller. (The guys are all friends.)

So what have they done since they announced their intention to work together for one year starting March 1, 2007? Actually, a lot, all under the radar. They dumped money in public squares in Coin Drops, entertained riders in their cars in Theater Hitchhiking, and interrogated Seattle Art Museum's "don't-touch" campaign at the Olympic Sculpture Park with Ceci n'est pas une swingset. Now, they're about to roll about Portable Confessional Units at Bumbershoot.

They may have started out as fake artists, but at times they've made it hard to tell the difference. That's probably just as they like it. Listen in.