Heavy metal duo Tacos! sure do pack a powerful punch: pounding out a dense, rough guitar sound, along with coarse, grinding vocals, and head-banging drums.

And since part of their mission in this world (besides rocking really hard) is to “preach the gospel of eating tacos,” we asked the band to dish on some of their favorite taco spots on the Hill, and some taco-eating tricks of the trade.

Tacos!, doing their taco thing.
  • Photo courtesy of Tacos!
  • Tacos!, doing their taco thing.

What makes “a perfect taco,” the kind of taco which transcends that of time of space?

Any taco is the perfect taco. We do not discriminate.

What is the perfect beverage to go along with the perfect taco?

Cerveza is the preferred libation of choice.

Do you have any places on the Hill that are taco musts?

We decided upon our name while eating at Rancho Bravo after practice one day. Cha Cha has some pretty bitchin' tacos, as does Fogon. The Hill is rich with taco bounty.

Any taco place eating tips and/or rules?

General good rule of thumb is if there are actual 'brown' people eating there, it's probably worth eating at!

In general, how well does Seattle do tacos? Be honest!

We have eaten tacos all over this country while touring and Seattle ranks pretty far up on the list of great taco municipalities. The entire state of Montana DOES NOT.

So are you psyched about the Block Party? What are you most psyched about and why?

We are thrilled to be playing Capitol Hill Block Party again, as well as being included on the Cha Cha compilation. Kerry Zettel and crew there rule. Also glad to be playing with our friends in Cabana, Theories, and Sandrider.

Tacos! hits the Cha Cha stage at 6:45pm on Friday, July 25th.