The time has come.
  • Photo by Ron Henry
  • The time has come.

The time is upon us! The Capitol Hill Block Party drops TODAY and OMG there is so much going on.

How to prepare? What to bring? What to say to the super fox in line at the beer garden checking you out?

Relax, all your questions are answered right here, with Your Ultimate Capitol Hill Block Party Survival Guide. Here’s how to prepare the right way. (Ok, you might be on your own with the super fox).

Beware the glowing orb in the sky.
  • Beware the glowing orb in the sky.

Do Bring:

Sunhats, shades, and sunscreen! Because even though it’s Seattle, it’s going to be 76 degrees. We’re not used to the sun, so we forget that it is strong and can burn us.

Rain gear: Because, Seattle. (Note: but not an umbrella. Never an umbrella. It’s not good festival form and just not done around here).

Jump ropes!

Earplugs (it’s not because you’re old), wipies (handy for post honey bucket use), and your ID for the beer gardens. Empty or sealed water bottles are ok. Hydrate!

Water, beer, smartphone, hat: doin it right!
  • Photo by Ron Henry
  • Water, beer, smartphone, hat: doin' it right!

Dope ass styles: your rad festival jackets, your breezy summer dresses, your cat face tee shirts, and your funky, ironic fanny packs. Let your freak fashion flag fly!

Stylin at the Block Party
  • Photo Courtesy of the Capitol Hill Block Party
  • Stylin' at the Block Party

Leave At Home:

Totally inappropriate Native American headdresses. Because really, do we still have to explain why? They just got banned at this music festival in Canada.

Just, no.
  • Just, no.

Coolers, tents, chairs, grills, etc. This ain’t no Sasquatch!

Your urge to pee anywhere that’s not a Honey Bucket or a real bathroom. I know it’s hard. But keep it together.

Honey Buckets are here for you.
  • Photo by Ron Henry
  • Honey Buckets are here for you.

Your drum machines, guitars, ukuleles, trumpets, and accordions. Leave the music to the bands this time. This ain’t no Folklife either!

Oh and DO tweet/Instagram all of your Block Party adventures with #JamesonBlockParty and #CHBP14!