So many choices!
  • Photo by Amber Cortes
  • So many choices!

Yummmm…the Capitol Hill Block Party food trucks are here!

All independently owned, all local, and all delicious, these food trucks are usually scattered far and wide in greater Seattle, but have all stopped here, in the parking lot next to Poquito's, for this very special occasion, to bring their mouthwatering treats straight to your mouth.

Stop over and taste some of Seattle's best in food truck culture, and get your energy back for the next round of shows!

Here’s a tour:

Off the Rez

Off The Rez
  • Photo by Amber Cortes
  • Off The Rez
Tacos on crispy fry bread is an incredible concept, and it’s brought to life by food truck “Off the Rez,” a fusion of Native American and Mexican flavors. Their BBQ pork is slow cooked for ten hours in honey-bourbon barbecue sauce, then paired with a refreshing slaw on the side. After a long day of roaming the Block Party in search of your new favorite band, this seriously hits the spot. Also great: the quinoa succotash.


Tats East Coast Steaks and Subs
  • Photo by Amber Cortes
  • Tat's East Coast Steaks and Subs

Tat’s is classic Seattle sandwiches, packed with hearty meats and cheeses. At the restaurant in Pioneer Square there's a line out the door every lunch hour, but now they're right here at your Block Party doorstep. Tat's is known for their Philly Cheesesteak, but IMHO the Italian sub could give it a run for its money.

Wicked Pies

Wicked Pies
  • Photo by Amber Cortes
  • Wicked Pies
What is a summer street music festival without summer street pizza! If you're longing for New York style, by-the-slice goodness (I know I am - always), this truck will be your top destination. They've also got focaccia sandwiches, smooth gelatos, and there's vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.


Its Thai time!
  • Photo by Amber Cortes
  • It's Thai time!

Spice up your Block Party adventure with the White Center food truck favorite with the naughty name. Crispy pot stickers, yellow curry, and volcanic chicken will get you sweating more than the mosh pit in the Cha Cha Lounge. Subtle, clean flavors that mix lemongrass and lime will get you every time.

Sweet Wheels

The sweetest of the wheels
  • Photo by Amber Cortes
  • The sweetest of the wheels

After all this good eatin’ and rockin' out, perhaps you crave something sweet? Or maybe you just want to skip right to the dessert. That’s fine. Wallingford food truck Sweet Wheels has got you covered, with salted oatmeal ice cream cookie sandwiches, shortbread and lava cake, among other delectable options. They'll even customize your dessert! The coconut ice cream is highly recommended.