In the long awaited Asshole Edition, Dan mocks, insults, and humiliates his callers (and that's why you keep listening).
The questions:
Dark Desires: She likes it rough, too rough for him. Should he feel guilty about refusing to fulfill her darkest fantasy?
Not Cool: The caller takes issue with Dan's treatment of the Teenage Virgin Dominatrix with Multiple Personality Disorder.
Newbies: He's doing virgins, and feeling guilty about it. What a pussy.
Pussy: A caller takes issue with Dan's use of the word "pussy."
Your Partner's a Creep: When is it time to speak up?
Pills, Pills, Pills: A cocktail of birth control pills and Prozac is killing her libido. He doesn't like condoms. What should they do?
Here's what YOU should do: call 206-201-2720 with your questions.