The perfect couple: A master snooper is paired up with a chronic cheater. What could be better?
A straight man freshly out of a relationship has found a hottie who wants to get it on. But he always seems to find an excuse to get out of it. Is he listening to a chickenshit voice in his head, or is it a wise one?
Blowjob receivers of the world! A caller exhorts you to treat your blowers with respect. Then there will be more blowjobs for everyone!
Her partner of 13 years has discovered that he's asexual. Is this a problem?
A 22-year-old virgin woman has the opportunity to lose her virginity in a three-way with a hot couple she knows. Is this the best way to launch her maiden voyage?
And finally, a newly out gay man's parents are still feeling squeamish about his gayness. How much acceptance should he demand? How long is this going to take?
Next week: A Fag Hag Extravaganza!
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