Two tales of parental meddling: A woman is in a happily open relationship with her boyfriend. But her parents don't know they're both free to see other people. What happens when her dad catches the boyfriend courting another lady? Another woman is in a blissful relationship with a man 20 years her senior. But her parents who are bankrolling her education have a "no-boyfriends-over-30" rule. Should she lie to them and keep riding the gravy train, or tell the truth and pick up a couple extra jobs?
A man knows he should go down on his girlfriend, but he has a tongue-crippling mental block.
A camp counselor learns that one of her campers is pregnant. Should she tell the girl's parents?
In one of the saddest calls ever, a married man with a 10-year-old son faces divorce.
And finally, hear the tale of the blowjob that saved a man's life.
And more!
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