the title of this discussion seems to have little to do with what you end up discussing.
I was wanting to read about Quantum Physics but got another rambling about Capitalism.
My mind was paying you attention and got the wrong product.


The Decadence is thick today in this CM article. Do you see it?


@3 - I had the same expectation, sad.



"Charles Mudede is still has a really, really hard time with math."


The silk road (market capitalism) existed and endured before socialism or any order of oppression. People like owning things. Atilla the Hun was the prototype socialist taking from producers, dividing the spoils equally and mouth raping the interns.


Tricked. Had to scan the rest of the article, but nothing more on quantum physics.


"Everything was scrambled.
In the capitalist system, space becomes Newtonian (homogeneous)."

IDK, this seems like a stretch to me.

Compare with "The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed."

I was looking for more about Quantum Physics as well... :>(

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