Good way to kill off some of the "woke" kids who think they've dealt with hardship up until now.


And there are the Moron Twins. Like clockwork.


Bolton is an angry boil in the buttcrack of humanity.

How about we let China and Russia squander ever more resources in the black hole that is Venezuela? So far it seems like it has been all loss no gain, oil or no. Hell, they could even end up fighting each other over scraps.



One must assume that the fantasy you are engaged in is one in which the United States is a lone rouge agent meddling, unsupported, in Venezuela's affairs. Affairs that Russia and China have equal rights and interests in. That, of course, is a false fantasy. The US is supporting the position of the overwhelming majority of the concerned regional parties (The Americas). Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Canada, Peru, Columbia, Paraguay, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama all Recognize Guaido and disavow Maduro. Only Mexico, Bolivia and Cuba disagree. All of these parties, including the US, have a significantly more valid stake in Venezuela than any European and Asian parties do. The Americas will suffer any and all of the real impacts of any outcomes (particularly immigration, famine and pestilence) while our friends in Russia and China have, at best, unsubstantiated and illegitimate interests (the are primarily economic) and should therefore be locked out of all serious conversations about Venezuela's (and the region's) future.

If this is the start of the WWIII, It's only because China and Russia insist on meddling where they do not belong. But... The jungles of South America may be the ideal battle field.

Fortunately, the weapons of this war will be economic tools (sanctions). In that struggle, the greatest market in the world will have the arsenal to prevail every time.


No no, China is the "rouge" agent. We're Agent Orange. Get it right.


LOL... Fucking spell check.
(Well played).


Is poster #2 under the delusion we still have the draft?


Spellcheck indeed. You_Gotta has it right. I would suggest the Rhizomes of the world (speaking of living in a butt crack) learn first how to play chess, then analyze how power is projected in the world without an aircraft carrier. Go ahead and fly in a few truckloads of Chicoms. WWIII? Good grief, go play some board games.



The LEFT, especially people like Charles Mudede, seek to impose great economic hardship on America in order to save the world from Global Warning.

Yet, CHINA is now the greatest POLLUTER in the history of the world.

CHINA is gang raping Mother Nature 24x7x365, yet LEFTIES say absolutely nothing about it other than to praise China's economic success.

FUNNY, not.


China does not even have a blue water navy. They literally can not project any real military power past their own national waters.

Those Civilization games are fun, but in the real world, you can't defeat a tank with medieval cavalry, and Gandhi is not all nuke-crazy.


Who is Charles rooting for? I think China and Russia.. we need a good war,. Good men brought good times thus making weak men... It's time


Love , peace , man !


Two points:
1. The Monroe Doctrine... last time I looked it wasn't revoked or freely given up as a defining policy of the U.S., even though liberals inherently opposed it.
2. The author brought up some moronic reference to. Global Warming at the end. Just what does any article about WWIII have to do with that nonsense...or is AOC now he boss of the Pentagon too! What idiots.


Quite possibly the dumbest article I've read today, but to be fair, it's still rather early. I thought I had accidentally clicked on a link for The Onion.


Spelling is way more germane to the issue here than an actually cogent remark about the anti-American at any cost article.


"Dear Venezuela,
Enjoy being a satellite of Russia and China. We're out."
Americans With Half a Brain


So China wants it's own Vietnam? Give it to them. It would be a good learning experience for them.


Stupid article. The situation in Venezuela has nothing to do with "climate change". The ignorance of science and journalism have converged in this article. The world is cooling. Temperatures are not rising. Socialism is an economic death march everywhere it is tried. The only places that survived it, in western Europe, China, india and South America denounced and reversed it


This is literally the dumbest, most bommer comment thread I've ever read. Congrats to yall.




Climate change? Really? Not that it is actually man made, but it is not a limit to growth, but a challenge to be met, overcome, and CAPITALIZED upon.

Anyway, climate change is not real.


The author should stick to criticising films. He has zero credibility analyzing foreign policy. This article is an absurd rant of a trump deranged individual.


The Trumpanzee needs to build a beach side resort with PGA golf course.


Are my eyes deceiving me or did the Chineese flex their biceps and arrive by commercial aircraft? A menacing display of military power.


Does someone have an app for generating new handles, or just a lot of time on their hands?


@1 & @4 and @2: Hey, lookie! The usual trolls are crawling out of the sewers again. Whee!
@10: My guess is that sugar and / or caffeine overconsumption is why @2 so often goes Screaming Into the Night.
@26: Johnny88: Agreed and seconded.
@27: I'd rather see Trumpty Dumpty sink into the expanding quagmire it has created solely by arrogance, greed and corruption, then get eaten and crapped out by alligators as the entire Southeastern Divided States submerges deeper into the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.


While reading this article, my initial impression was that it was a thoughtful analysis by an intelligent author. The author then lost credibility when he referenced a globalist hoax (global warming) as a justification for his opinion.


How has Socialism/Communism worked out in Zimbabwe, Charles Mudede?? Famine, death (lots and lots of death and death squads), dictatorship (Oh, yes, we remember Mugabe), HYPERinflation (I believe the world's worst ever seen) and generally malevolent people trying to keep a nation under their jackboots! The Soviet Socialists killed 60 million. The Chinese Socialists/Communists killed 100 million plus and threw in a Cultural Revolution to boot! The Cambodian Socialists killed off HALF their fellow countrymen (because very few voluntarily agree to Socialism...and even they regret it, sooner or later!). The National Socialists tried to kill EVERY-BODY in the world...especially free marketeer, successful Jewish people! You see, Charles, Socialism just DOES NOT WORK...PERIOD...FULL STOP!!

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