I hope you are really high.


It's the angle. The dog does look huge in that picture, but in other ones it's easier to see that he's normal-sized and on a table. If I didn't see the little bit of floor under the door I would have assumed this was a massive dog


'giant dog' heh heh heh....
how big are his hands?
that's what we really want to know



So, it’s finally come to this. We are now telling each other, “Your dog is fat”.



@7: I mean, the dog does look pretty fat to me, maybe bordering on obese. Dogs are not supposed to look like stuffed sausages. Their midsection is not just supposed to be a straight line, or bulgy:

The dog looks to be somewhere between 4 and 5 based on this chart, though camera angles and all can make it hard to tell.


That's definitely a fat dog. Most American dogs are fat because Americans feed their dogs too much and don't exercise them enough. Good for ther dog? No. But whatever, there's a lot of worse shit to worry about. Besides dogs are our property and our servants. We can do what we're like with them (minus explicit torture). That's just life.


per their twitter/instagram: "... were looking for a second dog and visited Pet Refuge. There, we fell in love with a one-eyed puggle, estimated age: 4-6 years old, who had a little bit of a weight problem". They got the dog in Dec 2018. Weight problems don't go away in a couple of months.


What if it’s the dog who is stoned, and Katie just looks really small to it?


Photographed with a wide-angle lens (like on most phones), even a puppy will look like a Great Dane if it's close to the camera.


@11 has a point.


You already confirmed that you can't get high anymore...



So that confirms it, then. Pete’s dog is really high and just thinks Katie is small, and probably has the munchies, which is why it looks big boned.


Wait; there are times when Ms H isn't high?

The left would never let him get elected. Move on (or was it along?), Douglas.

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