Cops want to make it easier to initiate high-speed car chases, state Dems have stiffed renters again, rich people are getting a bailout... enough bad news! 

Let's look at some cute dogs. Specifically, the cute dogs at Motley Zoo.

Motley Zoo is a foster-based, no-kill animal rescue founded in 2009, and over the years they've helped save more than 4,300 dogs, cats, bunnies, ferrets, and the occasional pet bird.

This spring The Stranger is partnering with the organization to feature some of their lovable misfits every month, so you can get to know the dogs and cats who are looking for a forever home and maybe even find a new best friend. Gotta cash in on those cute animal page clicks, bay-bee! But for real, dogs are magic and Motley Zoo's efforts are admirable—we're so excited.

Our illustrious videographer Shane Wahlund recently visited Motley Zoo's compound in Monroe, WA to be viciously attacked by blood-thirsty puppies interview Motley Zoo's executive director Jme Thomas and learn more about the rock 'n' roll-themed organization.

Watch the video to find out how you can get involved, and stay tuned to our socials—Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok—in the coming weeks to meet more of the dogs and cats who are looking for foster and forever homes.

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