We've partnered with the Motley Zoo Animal Rescue to SAVE ALL THE DOGS! Or, at least try to help a bunch of pups find their forever homes. Every month we'll feature a new pup who's available for adoption. Learn more about what Motley Zoo does here.

First, some great news! Remember Carole, March's Motley Zoo Pup of the Month? She found her forever home! 

Now, meet this month's Motley Zoo pup, the adorable and energetic Evan Peters! 

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Some fun facts about Mr. Peters:

🐾  When he first arrived at Motley Zoo he had a broken left front leg. He's all healed up now—yay!—but joint health supplements will have to be a part of his diet to avoid arthritis in that leg later in life.

🐾 Once he gets all his zoomies out, he loves to snuggle up and watch TV.  

🐾 He will "nibble" on you when he's happy. In a cute way! Not a Yellowjackets way.

🐾 He loves everyone—dogs, cats, people—and is full of fun and playful energy. That said, he'd definitely benefit from more socialization and training. He's still learning how to read other dogs' energy levels and sometimes gets his feelings hurt if they don't want to play with him.

Read more about Motley Zoo's adoption and fostering process here. Meet April's Pup of the Month, Gerard "Baby G" Way, here!