Where was the second dead poet you saw, Charles?
I saw "Dead Poets Society"! :)
Only Charles would complain about new housing coming to a city that desperately needs more. Good grief!
A private party sells their property , a company buys it to build build housing, The Stranger complains... We wonder why it's writers support a failing elected city establishment. This is going to take a while to fix.
@4 is stupid, I wrote it.
@5. A little introspection once in a while is a good thing. Too bad it's not contagious around here.
More housing sounds great, but if you have to be that wealthy to afford it, why should the rest of us care one way or the other?
I would have expected the thesis of Charles's post on this topic be "In a living city, we can't afford to have houses for the dead."
Yeah, there's nothing Mr. Mudede wrote here saying nobody is allowed to sell their funeral home and nobody is allowed buy it and to build apartments. The post only says "even funeral homes die" and he will miss the place. And it says the suggestion that this housing is for students is obviously bullshit. That's all it says.

You guys post so many knee-jerk reactions. Read first.
Most of the dead in this area (bordering PIerce Co. & up to Anacortes) are in the basement of Acacia Funeral Home. Between Lake City & Lake Forest Park. It's called Seattle Care Center.
I remember the days when The Stranger promised everyone if we went down this road of massive housing build up (even if expensive) would ultimately lead to more affordable housing for all of us.

The Reaganoimics of housing for leftists!
@11-given that people need housing, do you have a better idea than building housing?
If Charles laments the passing of a funeral home, that means he'll get excited when a new one opens up, right?
When I was younger, I thought Bonney Watson was a fancy restaurant. Don't know why it took me so long to notice the not-so-fine print on their sign.
@12: Death/goon squads, fewer people. It's the NIMBY dream that dare not speak its name.
@-11, I remember those simpler days too. This isn’t to say that housing wasn’t needed just that the write questions weren’t to provide in any way an accurate forecast of what was to comedy. It’s a bummer.

On the other hand, who could have predicted Amazon then.

Everybody see their stocks today?!? Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP?!?

Oh that’s right...if you saw those forecast you’re a local, hense, not an Amazon newbie.

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