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Seattle Musician Mirabai Kukathas on MoPOP, Totem Star, and Singing to the Monster Under Her Bed

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Should You Pay a Band in Drink Tickets? (No.)

We asked three local musicians what they want to see in the post-pandemic music economy.

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Rep. Adam Smith Rakes in Federal Bucks for Local Projects

Redistricting the South End Is a Civil Rights Issue

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Savage Love


Here’s What Happens When You Ride Spin’s New Singing Scooters

The scooters love bike lanes. They produce a happy “cha-ching” sound every few seconds if you're riding in one.

New Savage Lovecast: The Sordid History of STDs

Seattle Needs to Redefine Affordability

A Big List of Unstreamable Movies

Turn off the internet and touch some tapes.

How Gay Are the Muppets?

Seattle Sticker Patrol: Retain Sawant

This Weekend: Watch Luca While Swimming!

The Cannonball Run Is Unstreamable

Why Doesn't Seattle Have a Midnight Movie Scene?

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