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Would You Like to See Some Cute Local Pets (Yes)

The United States Should Have a Turkey on Its Great Seal

Just think about it. We did while reading The Bald Eagle: The Improbable Journey of America's Bird.

All Cats Are Aliens

It's true. The sci-fi horror movie The Cat explains why.

Is Capitalism Exploiting Crows?

The Stranger's Crow of the Year

Newsflash: Seattle Has a Ton of Beavers

Fear of a Pandemic Planet

Visiting Vancouver B.C. During the Pandemic

Here's What We're Doing Around Seattle This Week

Why Do Rats Love to Die on Sidewalks?

No Matter Who Wins in Godzilla vs. Kong, We All Lose

Istanbul's Strays Step Into the Spotlight

Elizabeth Lo's feature-length directorial debut Stray is about more than just dogs.

Tacoma Children Have Summoned a Dinosaur

The Wild Animals of South Seattle

I Am Going to Kill as Many Local Songbirds as I Possibly Can

The Bald Eagle of Beacon Hill Frustrated by Crows

Where to Hike This Week

Please Enjoy This Video of Christmas Rats

Have the Birds Left Seattle? Or Did the Smoke Kill Them?

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