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Funerals in the Age of the Coronavirus

What countries around the world are doing with their dead.

So Long... For Now

They Are Trying Valiantly to Keep That Grass Green, Aren't They?

Strolling Past Fox News This Morning

Bus Ad in Los Angeles

Yesterday I Read the NYT Cover To Cover

The Cover of Tomorrow's Issue of Charlie Hebdo

It's Election Day in Canada

A Few Things I Noticed About the Washington Coast

Coachella Weekend One in Approximately 30 Photos

Port Sanilac Watch

What the Hell Does One Do in Juneau?

All Americans Should Have Paid Vacation Days

People Are Playing Pianos in Parks All Over Seattle

I Saw Three Black People in Vienna Today...

Help a Visitor Out, Slog

Three Observations From the Airport Lounge

What the Hell Does One Do in North Vancouver?

This Is Such Bullshit

From My Current Two-Block Radius

NSFW Community Spotlight: Lester Pause

The Silent Reading Party, Brooklyn Edition

It's Official: Seattle Is the Fastest-Growing City in the U.S.™

Gimme Your Fucking... Texas Boho!

You Win, Seattle

I'm Definitely in Los Angeles

Centaur Sex Sells

Meet The Midnight Crawler

Art Installation in Pakistan Stares Back at Drone Operators

Looking Good, Seattle

Jerome Is Awesome

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