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Learn New Skills at These Adult-Friendly, Year-Round Classes & Workshops in Seattle

The Works, Hugo House, Velocity, and More Places to Learn New Things

Where to See Live Music in Seattle If You're Under 21

A handy guide to all-ages venues.

A Guide to Seattle for International Students

You are probably filled with questions. Here are some answers.

How to Do Drag in Seattle When You're Under 21

Bars are a drag for underage queens—but Seattle has a few options.

How to Be in a Band

So you've decided to devote your downtime in college to becoming a musician. Here's what you need to know.

What No One Told Me About Urinary Tract Infections Before I Went to College

Pee after sex. Always.

A Straight Guy's Guide to Not Raping People

We need to clear up a few misconceptions.

The Stranger's 2017 Back to School Issue

Advice you won't get anywhere else about college, sex, drinking, drugs, and the city of Seattle.

Where to Get Delicious Food on a Student Budget

College is expensive. Luckily, these restaurants aren't.

How (and Why) to Become a Vegan in College

For One Thing, It's a Great Way to Piss Everyone Off

See Those Mountains? Go Snowboarding

If you live in Seattle and you're not making the most of those mountains, you're doing it wrong.

How to Complain About Seattle Like a Local

Five things you need to hate—and how to hate them correctly—if you want to fit in here.

Your Guide to the Best Places to See Music If You Are Under 21

The Stranger's Back to School Advice

Your Guide to Seattle's Best Thrift and Vintage Stores

The Best Cafes for Late Night Studying

Race Trouble

Do Not Waste Your Time with Racist People

Academic Trouble

Love Trouble

They Don't Teach Any of This in Sex Ed, So Allow Me

Drinking Trouble

How to Avoid Getting Into a Police Chase

Sex Trouble

Social Trouble

How to Get In and Out of Trouble

The Stranger's 2013 Back to School Guide

Your City

A Guide to Local Politics, Music, the Arts, and Pho

A Guide to Sex, Drugs, and Dropping Out

Do Stuff!

The Stranger’s 2012 Back-to-School Guide

Your Country

A Guide to America

Josh Potter's Guide to Dystopia

A Stranger Intern on Having Just Graduated College and Entering the Job Market Right Now

Goldy's Guide to Being Political Without Being an Asshole

(Not That He Would Know—Goldy Is the Biggest Asshole About Politics on The Stranger's Staff)

Grant Brissey's Guide to Music

What to Listen to and How to Talk About It Without Sounding Like a Jerk

Christopher Frizzelle's Guide to Coming Out

You're Not Fooling Anyone—You're Gay, Okay?

Megan Seling's Guide to Landmarks, Parks, and Sharks

A List of Places and Things in Seattle I Wish I Knew About When I First Moved to the City

Bethany Jean Clement's Guide to Food You Might Not Find on Your Own

Five Places to Eat Strange but Delicious Things

Jen Graves's Guide to Wandering Around Looking at Art

How to Get Free Looks (and Sometimes Free Wine)

Bethany Jean Clement's Guide to Immoderate Drinking

Advice About Hangovers, Vomiting, and Generally Going Too Far

The Stranger's 2011 Back to School Guide

Charles Mudede's Guide to Utopia

You Will Never Have It Better Than How You Have It in College

Paul Constant's Guide to Reading Books

In Five Easy Steps

Brendan Kiley's Guide to Drugs

Drugs Are Illegal and Dangerous, But if You're Going to Experiment, Here's How to Lower Your Risk of Addiction, Misery, and Death

Lindy West's Guide to Sex and Dating

Everything You Could Possibly Need to Know—Plus Abortion Stuff!

The Stranger's 2010 Back to School Guide

What No One Else Is Going to Tell You About Drugs, Drinking, Sexual Positions, Stupid Majors, What the Music in Your Dorm Room Says About You, and More

The 2008 Back to School Guide

Everything You Need to Know About School, the City, and Life as We Know It

Everything You Need to Know About School

Tips on Campus Life, How to Skip Classes, and the Best Way to Get a Professor to Sleep With You

Everything You Need to Know About the City

The Lay of the Land, Some Pointers on Food Options, Tips for Dumpster Diving, Where to Get an Abortion, Etc.

Everything You Need to Know About Life

How to Binge Drink, How to Do Hallucinogens, How to Get Someone to Sleep with You, and More
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