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Fuck YOU, Cody Simpson... and Fuck Your Crunch, Too!!

"Please Do Not Photoshop Justin Bieber's Face on My Personal Photos"

BIEBER BEAT: Beebs Grows Up to be a Douche


BIEBER BEAT: The (unauthorized) Justin Bieber Comic!

Justin Bieber to World: I'm 17, So Now I Can Do This

Beebs & Gomez Kiss; Die in a Hole

Say Hello to Justin Bieber's Little Friend

Justin Bieber's Here... You Can Die Now, Ozzy.

Good Afternoon, Justin Bieber!

Today in Justin Bieber

Oooohkay... I Guess Some Cats Just Don't Like Justin Bieber

Good Afternoon, Justin Bieber!

Man Gets Justin Bieber Tattoo on His Thigh

Justin Bieber in Vanity Fair!

What I Did Over Xmas Vacation

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Justin Bieber's Hot New Pedo-stache!

Another Reason Justin Bieber is Better than You...

Looks Like I'm Not the Only Adult with a Justin Bieber Google Alert!


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